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5/30/23 Completed updates to LON-EN's spoiler and started MRD-EN's.
5/29/23 HA07-EN is all done with the revisions. Thus, I'll be moving on to general spoilers like LOB. There's also a blog page for articles I've written thus far (though the first two are a bit different).
5/28/23 Now that the nonsense I attempted recently was undone, I've gone back and have HA07-EN nearing the end. There's also been updates to various toy review pages recently (most are minor though).
5/26/23 HA07-EN's ratings revisions are down to 30 cards.
5/25/23 HA06 is done so the last pack (HA07-EN) is now underway.
5/24/23 The spoiler for HA06-EN is ready.
5/23/23 HA06-EN's ratings are halfway done with revisions.
5/22/23 HA05-EN is now complete so I've moved to HA06.
5/21/23 Almost done revising HA05-EN's ratings.
5/20/23 TP8-EN completes all Tournament Packs so I moved back to Hidden Arsenal packs, which were being unwittingly neglected.
5/19/23 Almost all Tournament Packs have the recent changes.
5/18/23 TP6-EN has finished and TP7-EN has nearly finished its updates.
5/17/23 TP5 is now done and TP6 has started.
5/16/23 TP4's spoiler is done and TP5 is nearly done.
5/15/23 Updated TP3, TP4 and both their spoilers.
5/14/23 Everything is done for CYAC-EN's ratings and spoiler.
5/5/23 Began CYAC-EN's ratings and spoiler.
5/2/23 Tournament Pack revisions are now underway.
5/1/23 PP02-EN is done with the revisions. I should also point out modifications took place recently for the first page of Episode Cards as I'm trying out a tweaked version of the Card Spoiler pages.
4/30/23 Completed all updates to PP01-EN.
4/29/23 WSUP-EN's spoiler is done and PP01-EN's revisions have started.
4/28/23 Completed said ratings for WSUP-EN.
4/27/23 Wrapped up updates for YMP1-EN's spoiler and began them for half of WSUP-EN.
4/26/23 Updated MVP1-EN's spoiler and rated the 9 cards in YMP1-EN.
4/25/23 That's a wrap on MVP1-EN's (DSOD) Card Ratings page.
4/24/23 The original Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack is getting the changes on its ratings page.
4/23/23 GLD1-EN completes all revisions.
4/22/23 The original Gold Series (TCG) ratings near the end of its revisions.
4/21/23 DRL2-EN's ratings and spoiler pages both have the changes.
4/20/23 Most of DRL2-EN's ratings page has the revisions.
4/19/23 DRL2-EN has begun the changes as DRLG-EN's spoiler is done.
4/18/23 Finished up the revisions to DRLG-EN's ratings page.
4/17/23 DRLG-EN has gotten a little over half the updates on its Ratings page.
4/16/23 NUMH-EN completes the updates to its spoiler.
4/14/23 Pretty much caught up with all Partial Card Ratings I missed out on before so updates will be in the morning from now on basically. Today was an update to half of NUMH-EN.
4/8/23 Promo cards are being moved to other places because it gets messy to keep them all there and it's just one card being rated. Thus, you'll start finding those cards in sets like WIRA-EN, TOCH-EN and the Battles of Legend sets.
4/3/23 Reverting somewhat back to a previous design concept for Pendulums as you'd probably want to have the label isolated from the actual text (though I did initially try out moving the rarity to its own highlighted spot, and you may see that for some pages before it's removed). On that note, TAMA-EN's reviews and spoiler have begun.
4/1/23 With just about everything done, I've moved to the spoilers from the early days like LOB.
3/30/23 Rather than have SDZW-EN be the only rated Deck on its page, I've opted to move SDSC-EN to that same page to finish it off and mark the end of rating full Structure Decks. KICO-EN finished up ratings so I've moved on to GRCR-EN on the page linked in the previous entry.
3/27/23 Began partial reviews and spoiler for KICO-EN. This page has also gotten an update as you can see. This should be better, but I'm still not sold on the color choices yet. Maybe I'll set aside a day to figure this page's color theme out.
3/25/23 LED8-EN is done, and some cards from smaller products like Starter Decks are moved over as well.
3/24/23 LED8-EN's reviews and spoiler have begun.
3/23/23 As BLCR-EN wraps up, I'm moving to LED8-EN next.
3/22/23 BLCR-EN is drawing to a close, but there are now links to the regular Wiki on both pages as the so-called "better" wiki (they actually had a message on how to redirect links to their wiki at the top of their page) remains down for the count. This isn't to say I support either one at this point, but the regular one has the actual card text for each set, unlike the official site, which is only going to keep the current text.
3/19/23 Just about all the Partial Ratings pages have their new spoilers. Went back through all the sets with a Blue name to turn it more teal/aqua instead for easier transfer and to make it easier to separate the product name from the set ID. Since most of the regular ratings are done too, I'll be moving on to that stuff once I catch up with the Partial Ratings from about a year or two ago. I will also be combining the fully rated (non-duplicate) Structure and Starter Decks ratings together at some point where possible as they're under 40 cards each. Today, I've begun the ratings and spoiler for BLCR-EN, now located in the "Stuff of Legend" folder (no spaces in the URL) along with all the others, including DRL3.-EN.
3/15/23 Started reviews and spoiler for GFP2-EN and the spoilers for Legendary Duelist sets.
3/14/23 GFTP-EN's ratings and partial spoiler are done and I'll move to 2nd Haunting from that sort-of series tomorrow.
3/10/23 The reviews and spoiler have begun for GFTP-EN and All Foil Ratings now has its own spoiler (which will be replacing the larger spoilers going forward as it's easier to track the new cards and gets done faster). These sort of updates will continue into the afternoons. On a partly unrelated note, Yugipedia has fallen hard and needs help getting back on their feet. This means all links to their pages are broken until they get back up and/or I get different links.
3/9/23 Updates are now only in the morning as most of what's left is under 100 cards per set. It's also getting tiring to do it off and on each day. Thus, I'm going to start reviewing some of the new stuff missed over the past two years.
3/6/23 3/6/23
Hidden Arsenal packs are now getting the revisions.
3/3/23 3/3/23
Moved on to Champion Packs, which should take even less time to revise.
3/2/23 3/2/23
What was previously called New Card Ratings has been renamed Partial Card Ratings as all Card Ratings I've done are at least partially new. Speaking of which, I think you'll like how it's been laid out now. Makes it clear what I'm going to be reviewing partially going forward. I've also moved on to Duelist Packs and should finish them up soon.
3/1/23 Tweaked the theme here and made updates to the New Card Ratings page as the goal I'm thinking about is just during the larger stuff and waiting for the unrated cards to get a bigger product. It's otherwise pretty confusing and taxing to think about.
Starter Decks have begun the changes, though my thinking is to move those cards over to larger products over time as there's like 20 links on that page alone. Premium Gold also finished up already.
Everything for PHHY's spoiler and ratings is in. Also updated this page to give it a bit more color and alternate the entries (albeit only for a few months' worth). Not sure if I like the changes though.
PHHY-EN's ratings and spoiler have been underway for a bit.
I moved on to the New Card Ratings, which are pretty much just called Card Ratings for the specific clumps of cards from various sets, and they're keeping their respective set names to avoid confusion.
Revisions of the Promo Cards pages have begun as of yesterday.
Found an issue when revising booster set ratings pages in that with Link Monsters, I couldn't copy-paste the Attribute for monsters over to a non-Link monster area of the spoiler so I've moved Link Monsters' Link Arrows down a bit and highlighted where they are. There's also an actual link to learn how to play on the left side under the Attribute. The cell containing this info now lacks the background color and is just the orange and off-white text. Going through this won't take long and will be the idea going forward.
I've caught up to where I was before the aforementioned changes began so it'll take a bit longer to move from set-to-set, but not by much.
Adding 1 more set of changes to remove the blue divider and make the top bit of info (with the set name and  Set ID) black to highlight it and separate it from the review. Both the ratings and spoiler pages will have these changes. Should be much better, and honestly I'm liking them so far.
In addition to the aforementioned updates below, I've opted to also removed the "Points to" cells of the table for non-Link Monsters as it takes up more room than necessary. Pendulum Monsters will now be split and properly designated with "Pendulum Text" and "Monster Text" like I had before. Otherwise, you have no idea which text is which, even with the reviews. This process is already complete with A and B named sets.
Back to the beginning for Card Ratings pages again as I realized the rating itself and the comments should've been together. That's one part of the updates. The other part is darkening the "attribute" for Trap Cards so they're a bit more like the Spell Card "attribute". This process is much shorter and I've done 2 sets already. At this rate, I should be back to the S names in a week or two.
Chiming in to give an update where I am and to detail a few changes made to the pages.
1. I'm currently at the last of the E-named booster sets.
2. Ratings and Spoiler pages have a change from "Active Link Arrow(s):" to "Points to:", which is an official Yu-Gi-Oh term for Link Monsters. This change occurred once I saw that The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister's Link Arrows were too long to fit. This update is shorter too, and speaking of which, I've opted to shorten the listing of Link Arrows too, and you'll be seeing that if you haven't already.
AST-EN's card ratings page is now getting the revisions.
With the bigger sets complete with revisions, I've moved to the smaller sets (with around 100 cards or less). Spoilers from partially rated sets and such will be last.
AST-EN's card ratings page is now getting the revisions.
  10/31/22 (Halloween):
As October comes to a close, so do all updates for DABL-EN.
Opted for another change to Card Ratings pages, this time to make things easier to read and it saves me a few steps in adding the info. You may be thinking "Why not just make the text bigger?" While it's true I could've done that, I felt the format could've been better. Besides, I generally only copy-paste the card text anyway. I've still kept the differences between the Card Ratings and spoiler pages.

Other changes include: 1. Highlighting the card type with the exact properties of that card, minus the symbol. 2. Both pages now have spaces for Link Arrows and Pendulum Scales even if they don't need them (and in which case they're made less visible). 3. ATK and DEF now share a box, similar to how things were with early Japan Yu-Gi-Oh cards. 4. The booster set name is directly above the card's name so that you don't have to scroll up to remember what set you're looking at. I may clarify the ratings too so it's always clear without having to memorize the ratings at the top. These changes have already been applied to DABL-EN's two pages and the others will follow over time, starting with the biggest sets.
DABL-EN's ratings and spoiler have begun.
HA07-EN draws near the end of its revisions.
More updates were done to the Card Ratings main page in recent days and I'm now happy with the results. Today, there's links to the first row of individual Card Ratings pages (with red links directly above them that are further highlighted to separate them from the rows above).
Fate's Seal is down to just 2 episodes' episode cards.
Added another 10 episodes to Zexal Season 1's episode guide.
Did about half the revisions for the final Hidden Arsenal Card Ratings page.
"Completed" the changes to the Card Ratings page, though I'm having second thoughts on the layout.
Two more parts for Fate's Seal's final page have Episode Cards.
Zexal's episode guide has the next 10 episodes listed.
HA06-EN has completed all revisions.
Played around with a revision to the Card Ratings main page  last night, then applied it to about half the page today.
Finally added the episode cards for the first two episodes of part 5.
50 episodes are done for Zexal's Season 1 episode guide (though the Konami website says episode 50 is the start of Season 2).
HA06-EN is nearly done with revisions.
All changes are complete for Part 5 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards. Cards will start being added next time.
Applied the tweak (and a bit more) to all news entries this year (as 2021's entries will be removed next year).
Making a tweak to this page to put the date at the top of the entry and updated the Zexal Season 1 episode guide.
HA06-EN has completed half the revisions on its ratings page.
Made changes to the Deluxe Metal Mechanics and BattleChains pages.
Next time should have the first set of Episode Cards up for part 5 of the movie fanfic.
The Zexal episode guide is 30 episodes down.
October kicks off with the end of HA05-EN's card ratings revisions.
Updated the BattleBots Metal Mechanics Toy Reviews page to rewrite the summaries and convert things over.
Nearly ready to add the Episode Card links to part 5.
Updated the Episode Guide to add the next 10 episodes.
HA05-EN's revisions are down to half the cards' comments.
The final part of the movie fanfic is ready for revisons.
Added the first 10 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal to its episode guide.
Began revisions for HA05-EN's card ratings page.
Part 4 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards is done.
Jury Duty ended Tuesday but I opted to take the day off so today I've started Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal's Episode Guide.
Completed HA04-EN's revisions.
Added two more episodes' worth of Episode Cards
The 5Ds Episode Guide nears the end.
HA04-EN continues updates on its ratings page.
Jury Duty for me continues, but in person now and I hope to be done on Tuesday of next week, which is the only day I'm confirmed to be there so far. Since I have several days off, I'll post updates in between weeks. For today, Part 28 of Fate's Seal has Episode Cards.
Updating to note that I could have virtual jury duty at any point this week (so no update will take place at that time) and I've updated the 5Ds Episode Guide.
HA03-EN completed revisions so HA04-EN has started them.
Added 2 more episodes' worth of Episode Cards.
HA03-EN's revisions near completion.
Part 4 of the Hybrid Movie's episode cards has begun.
Began revisions for HA03-EN's ratings page.
Another computer power supply died on me on Saturday so no updates were able to take place until early evening yesterday. I opted to wait and confirm whether everything was working properly inside and it's been fine so far. Today got the next Hybrid Movie Fanfic page ready for its episode cards.
HA02-EN completed revisions.
Added reviews for the PocketBots and video games released during the show's original run and updated HEXBUG Rivals.
Fate's Seal starts part 4's updates today.
Updated several of the other BattleBots Toy Review pages to change the wording and such.
HA02-EN is nearly done with revisions.
Completed part 3 of Fate's Seal's Episode Cards.
Revised my Forbidden & Limited List to be clearer about what the changes would be.
Finished updates for HA01-EN's ratings page and began the same for HA02-EN.
Added episode cards to Part 22 of the hybrid movie fanfic.
Updated the Robot Wars Toy Reviews pages to coincide with the changes to each BattleBots Toys Reviews pages.
Opting to include revisions to Card Ratings pages that I intended to continue ages ago when I caught up with other revisions. They'll take place every other day until everything is complete.
All BattleBots products I own/have owned have a page now.
The aforementioned updates to page 3 of the Hybrid Movie fanfic's episode cards are done so next time will be adding the card info.
Decided to take a break and add reviews for my recently acquired BattleBots HEXBUG toys.
Part 3 of the Hybrid Movie fanfic gets some revisions done.
Updates resume for fanfic Episode Cards and episode pages.
POTE-EN updates are now complete.
Ratings for POTE-EN are ongoing and will replace fanfic updates for the next 10 days.
With all the hybrid episodes done, I've moved to the movie episodes, which'll now be done once daily in the mornings as they're the last pages left.
Two things to report on this time around.
Updates are now on Season 8 of the hybrid fanfic, which means that they'll only take place in the morning once Season 8 wraps up as the movie is currently the last fanfic I have up on the site.
There's been an update to BattleBots Brackets yesterday. I removed all the old tournaments as they were pretty flawed from the get-go and I'll be taking out the fights too. There's also now a bracket format inside the table that will be used each week. I plan to have a whole new tournament next year to give me time to get the robots ready. It will not include the HEXBUG toys I've acquired though.
I said it wouldn't take long and it didn't. I'm now caught up with the aforementioned revisions and am picking up where I left off. I'm debating on whether or not to add to to the highlighted Duelist's name to indicate that they're the card player, which'd also help isolate them in a similar manner to how they were before. If I do it, it won't take very long at all.
Implementing a new change that moves the card player in the Episode Cards pages to the left to line it up with the card info. Before you possibly complain about not being able to find it, it's been highlighted twice to make it stand out better. It's also keeping the same font size.
I found it's harder to keep the card player names in line when they don't all have the same length and it would probably get confusing to make changes to their names to get them to be the same or close to the same lengths. This change is currently applied to All of my original fanfic's first season and shouldn't take that long to get caught up.
Updates to DIFO-EN's 2 pages are done.
Exactly a month from the previous update comes Dimension Force ratings and spoiler. I've also prettty much caught up to where I had been when the aforementioned change took place below.
I've ended adding the bitly links to fanfic pages in favor of adding just one link to actual card info on a single page instead. Regardless of how you felt about those links, they're done being used. I was trying to get the link to fit the space, but that's no longer necessary. Plus, there's a link to each card's Yugipedia page for more info. For now, this is the new method, though I think it's the best one, even if it doesn't benefit me for when I need to find the info. Cards are actually listed in order of appearance, not necessarily the order they were played. For instance:
1. Swords of Revealing Light is played.
2. A monster that was Set is revealed.
Thus, the order will be as you see it even though the monster was Set before SoRL was played. It's not really any diffferent than when I add card spoilers for booster sets as those tend to be around 100 cards. It'll take me a while to catch up but part 1 of season 1 is already nearly done. I may just start the sessions earlier.
Today begins 3 more days of revising fanfic pages. Yesterday, I realized that with the New Card Ratings pages eventually disappearing, there's little point in keeping the spoilers so I've opted to end those since there's no longer a point. That means I have an opening for something else. I'll have to figure out what that'll be.
Updates to spoiler pages continue the next 3 days, though there will be less progress as these pages have more work to be done.
Revisions to card ratings pages should finish up either today or tomorrow before I move to revising the spoiler pages.
The next 3 days returns to fanfic pages for the hybrid fanfic's 4th season.
I've wrapped up S named Booster Sets and will move on to T names over the next 3 days.
3 more days of revising fanfic pages and I should be able to finish Season 3 part 4 of the Gx fanfic.
S-named Card Ratings pages continue to get revisions the next 3 days.
The next 3 days are occupied with fanfic page revisions.
I'm back to revising Card Ratings pages the next 3 days.
As I near the halfway point in March, revisions to fanfic pages return.
The next 3 days of March return to Card Ratings pages.
March gets its first 3 days of fanfic page revisions.
The next 3 days are covered with Card Ratings page revisions.
Returning to fanfic pages the next 3 days.
It's back to revising Card Ratings pages, though BACH-EN's two pages are done.
Fanfic pages get revisions with BACH-EN updates.
The next 3 days continue revisions on Card Ratings pages in addition to BACH-EN's updates.
Expect BACH-EN ratings and spoiler updates to take place with whatever other update is taking place. I also applied the aforementioned changes to the other Episode Cards pages. It actually looks much better this way.
Not much got done yesterday as I felt the way I was displaying the links wasn't the best it could be. I started a new way to display them and will finish that up today and decide if that's the right way to go. So far, it's looking much better.
Updating more fanfic pages the next 3 days.
3 more days of revising Card Ratings pages has begun.
Back to revising fanfic pages, and now there's an explaination at the top and a slight change to how hand sizes are indicated.
Expect 3 more days of revising Card Ratings pages.
Mostly posting an entry today to report the new main page created for links. I realized it was going to be huge with all the GX era cards being added so I opted to split up the Monster Card main page into two pages and the original has been renamed.
There's also an update how stats are shown in the hybrid fanfic. Now I just show 1 number with a label (like 2000 DEF). Figured it was only fitting since it does change to that partway through the first season.
As January comes to a close, I resume revising the fanfic pages and should get Season 7 completed, then move on to the hybrid series.
I'm back to revising Card Ratings pages and moving on to I names soon.
Updates resume for fanfic pages the next 3 days, though currently only for changing / to | and I'm up to Season 7 now for it.
Revisions to Card Ratings pages continue the next 3 days.
In addition to current revisions to Season 7's fanfic pages, I've changed the first two seasons' worth of fanfic pages to change how a monster's ATK and DEF is separated, notably from / to | like with the card ratings.
You probably want an explanation for the lack of updates until now right? Well I have two things to thank for that, Covid 19 and my computer's power supply overheating. Covid was the first strike, but it proved less than what others had experienced.
The power supply issue kept me from updating my site until the new one arrived. Then it was just a matter of ensuring we had wires in the right places. That's all sorted and the effects Covid are now even weaker on me than when it first hit so I'm back to updates. I've picked up where I left off with fanfic revisions.