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Site Updates
8/4/20: Completed revisions for SD2-EN's ratings.
8/3/20: All revisions are complete with the original Yu-Gi-Oh series' Episode Comparisons pages. I'll be moving on to Gx Episode Comparisons next.
8/2/20: I'm back to revising Episode Comparisons pages and have caught up with where I'd previously left off from when I first started the revisions (when the Episode Cards were being moved to where they are now).
8/1/20: Updating more Card Ratings pages today. Structure Decks are next.
7/31/20: Starting more revisions to Card Ratings pages. Starter Decks will be next.
7/30/20: Completed BLAR-EN's spoiler and got a head start on today's Episode Comparisons revisions.
7/27/20: BLAR-EN's ratings are done so I revised more Episode Comparisons pages.
7/26/20: BLAR-EN's new ratings are now accompanied by revising more text card ratings.
7/25/20: Ratings for BLAR-EN's new and greatly updated cards has begun along with more revisions to Episode Comparisons pages.
7/24/20: Continuing yesterday's revisions today (though I've only done half of what was started yesterday evening).
7/23/20: Today's update returns to the new design for Card Ratings pages.
7/22/20: More of yesterday's revisions are taking place today.
7/21/20: One thing I realized with the most recent revisions of Episode Comparisons pages is that when there's a lot of cards, they really take up space. Thus, I've opted to abbreviate the names of all card names with two or more words unless there are very few cards played for that Duel or the card name is relatively short like Horn Imp. I've done this for the first 8 Episode Comparisons pages.

You should be able to find out which card it is by hovering your mouse cursor over the link and checking the bottom-left corner of the browser window. I didn't necessarily want to do this but I felt it was necessary so that all the card links fit. It's better than labeling them as "card 1", "card 2", etc. There's also a label for which Duel they're involved in, even if there's only 1 the entire episode.
7/20/20: Continuing yesterday's revisions today.
7/19/20: Expect more of the aforementined new revisions to Card Ratings pages today, two of which have been linked above.
7/18/20: Continuing yesterday's revisions today.
7/17/20: Another batch of Episode Comparisons pages is being redone.
7/16/20: Card Ratings pages have gotten another revision today, this time to consolidate the number of rows and remove the side column. Now I can copy the whole table in one short click. It still keeps everything where you'd expect them to be but each rated card now mostly takes up 1 cell in the table. I figure you'll be able to tell what the rest of the info means but the rating includes the "tag" if you will. I've redone Promo Cards Page 16 in addition to the first 3 Champion Packs.
7/15/20: It's back to revising card ratings pages, notably Promo Cards pages for now.
7/14/20: Yesterday's revisions continue today.
7/13/20: More Episode Comparisons revisions continue today.
7/12/20: SDSA-EN's card spoiler is done and have gotten an early start on revising more Episode Comparisons pages.
7/11/20: Rated SDSA-EN's new cards and finished preparations for the 1st page of Promo Cards text, which now has 100 cards. There will be about 4 pages, though only 3 will be filled to the max of 100 cards.
7/10/20: Back to revising Card Ratings pages today.
7/9/20: Expect more revisions to Episode Comparisons today. I've also gone back to previously done ones to consolidate multiple monsters Summoned by 1 effect.
7/8/20: More Episode Comparisons pages are being revised.
7/7/20: Continuing with yesterday's revisions today.
7/6/20: Updating more Card Ratings pages today.
7/5/20: Yesterday's revisions continue today.
7/4/20: On this Independence Day, I've begun revisions to more Episode Comparisons pages.
7/3/20: Since I completed the special packs yesterday, 3 Starter Decks start today's Starter Deck revisions.
7/2/20: Working on more revisions to Card Ratings pages.
7/1/20: Yesterday's revisions continue today.
6/30/20: Began revising more Episode Comparisons pages today.
6/29/20: More Tournament Packs revised today and I should be done with them today.
6/28/20: Began revising Tournament Packs today.
6/27/20: Day 2 of yesterday's updates is taking place.
6/26/20: Updating more Episode Comparisons pages today.
6/25/20: Finished revising all the Champion Pack pages today.
6/24/20: Started more Card Ratings revisions today.
6/23/20: More Episode Comparisons pages are getting the newest revisions today.
6/22/20: TOCH-EN's ratings and spoiler are done and I've also opted to move yesterday's revisions to today and tomorrow (as I was too tired to do anything from the activities I did that day) and revised a few pages too.
6/15/20: Yesterday marked the beginning of the end for the regular Card Ratings pages (with the card images only). I realized just how much work goes into revising a single page and how many images take up each page (80 total). That takes up space and takes more time to complete. I'll be deleting all of them from the server once they've been moved over locally. They'll now follow the New Card Ratings pages where the actual card images are linked to the Set ID of each card.
I found this to be much quicker and easier to do as I can get 10 cards done quickly. Does this mean the end of using the card templates? Not entirely as I plan to do articles that will still follow the card breakup idea. They'll just have an in depth look at 2 or more cards (not likely going to be more than 3 as the more cards in a combo, the less likely you can pull it off) used together. They'll be in the latest print from the time the article is written. Look for these to appear after the ratings are moved over.
This allows me to get back to some of the other things that were neglected. This also means that the Main pages will have to be revised to remove the links to the visual card ratings pages. To see a sample of what I did yesterday, click here. Today, I continue TOCH-EN ratings and have had time to start more Episode Comparisons page revisions.
6/14/20: Began rating TOCH-EN's new cards and have been wondering whether or not to delete the regular card ratings pages in favor of the text ratings and spoilers. The issue is then what do I do to replace them duing times when no new cards are released?
6/13/20: Beginning more card breakups and 30 at a time since I remember doing thast many for the Gx era Duelist Packs' pages.
6/12/20: Another day of revising Episode Comparisons pages began today, and this time it's a full day.
6/11/20: Wrapped up ETCO-EN ratings today (minus #100, which'd have required a 6th page for a card that was previously rated).
6/10/20: You may have noticed a change to pretty much all Yu-Gi-Oh news pages. They've gone from "Ygorganization": to "The Org". Well they're the same thing because if you visit, their logo says "The Organization" and I opted to shorten it to "The Org" for easier typing. Plus it makes the URL shorter too. So just know that if you see "The Org", it means "".
6/9/20: ETCO-EN ratings are ongoing but I also opted for a change to the Episode Comparisons pages with yesterday's revisions. The summary is MUCH smaller and the Episode Cards are linked below the summary along with any errors that occured during the episode. Figure this'll make the pages smaller and it may be easier to link to the cards, not to mention darken the text for later.
This change has been applied to the first 6 Episode Comparisons pages for Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1.
6/8/20: Having forgotten about ETCO-EN's official release until now, I've begun rating it and have implemented the new change where only the spoiler is linked to it.
6/7/20: Breaking up more card images today.
6/6/20: Day 2 of yesterday's updates began today.
6/5/20: More Gx Episode Comparisons revisions began today.
6/4/20: Continuing yesterday's revisions today.
6/3/20: Began 2 days of Card Breakups with
6/2/20: More of yesterday's revisions continue today.
6/1/20: A new month starts with more revisions to Gx Episode Comparisons.
5/31/20: Just as we're down to the last day in May 2020, I'm down to the final Duelist Pack after today's update.
5/30/20: It would appear that there's little left to do for New Card Ratings so apart from what I've done this morning, there probably won't be any more updates until the 2 other projects catch up. I'll probably do more Card Breakups in the afternoon.
5/29/20: 2 days of moving New Card Ratings to their new designated locations has resumed.
5/28/20: Kicking off day 2 of mostly yesterday's updates today.
5/27/20: Accidentally revised DP1-EN but will be doing more Gx Episode Comparisons today and tomorrow.
5/26/20: I've finished card breakups for Structure Decks today and will move on to Champion Packs. I've also opted to stop rating Skill Cards as while they're fun to make and rate, they're for a format I cannot take part in as I'm not a beginner Duelist. Plus, most of them are in small numbers anyway, which is already something I agreed to stop rating.
5/25/20: Card breakups resume today and tomorrow.
5/24/20: More of yesterday's updates have taken place today and will continue throughout the day.
5/23/20: Realized that bringing the pages out of Unrated Card Ratings pages actually made me have more pages than before. So I've made a compromise. I will now compile similar unrated products together with roughly 30 cards to a page. That should cut down the total number of pages and increase your chances of finding what you (and I) want.
Today has begun 2 days of this, starting with Starter Decks. There will be no specific order to these, either for linking or creation. They will have the previously used Text Card Ratings with links to the actual cards in the Set ID. It's kind of the best I can think of and since there will be more cards per page, I can't really include the images on the page in case some of you have slow internet.

As a result, there's also been a change to the New Card Ratings main page.
5/22/20: As Season 1 completed revisions last night, I started Season 2 then and continued the revisions today.
5/21/20: Revised more Gx Episode Comparisons pages today as part of 2 days of revisions on that front.
5/20/20: Day 2 of yesterday's updates is underway.
5/19/20: Updates were delayed for a few hours due to back-to-back power interruptions and I feared there would be more until now. I wanted to wait and see if any more came up. Thankfully, this update went smoothly though it's still windy out.
5/18/20: Day 2 of yesterday's revisions kicked off with "Fear Factor".
5/17/20: 2 more days of linking to actual cards on Episode Comparisons have begun. 
5/16/20: Moved BLLR-EN to its new pages (with the partial spoiler being on page 2) and prepared YS17-EN's page for this afternoon's updates.
5/15/20: Another 2 days of moving New Card Ratings, starting with Duelist Saga.
5/14/20: Since the update from 2 days ago was accidental, I'm doing a true 2nd day of card break ups today and have finished the Starter Decks.
5/13/20: Finished 5DS1-EN's card break ups and revised 2 text card ratings as a bonus.
5/12/20: Most of 5DS1-EN has its cards broken up.
5/11/20: Gx Episode Comparisons have begun revisions.
 5/10/20: I'm onto the final few episodes of Season 5's Episode Comparisons.
5/9/20: SDMY-EN and SDKS-EN have new homes for their new card ratings.
5/8/20: There's more New Card Ratings pages being created starting today (though MIL1-EN was already started).
5/7/20: Nearly done revising the Promo Cards pages.
5/6/20: Started breaking up more Promo Cards.
5/5/20: Day 2 of yesterday's revisions kicked off with "One Step Ahead (Part 1)".
5/4/20: Today begins 2 days of adding the Episode Cards on Episode Comparisons pages, starting with "Rise of the Great Beast (Part 1)"
5/3/20: Day 2 of yesterday's revisions has begun with YGLD-ENA and SDMP-EN.
5/2/20: Provided new homes for SDSE-EN and
DPBC-EN to kick off 2 days of moving New Card Ratings' content to new pages.
5/1/20: Day 2 of yesterday's revisions began with "Fighting for a Friend (Part 2)".
4/30/20: Another 2 days of revising Episode Comparisons pages is underway starting with "An Unexpected Enemy".
4/29/20: I'm now revising the Promo Cards pages to break up their cards, darken the card info and comments on the right side of the table and move any Link Monsters' Link Arrows indications to their new spot.
4/28/20: All Astral Packs, LCJW-EN, DP08-EN and CP08-EN's new cards have been broken up. I'm pretty much at the point where none of the remaining Unrated Card Ratings pages need to have cards broken up.
4/27/20: Day 2 of yesterday's revisions began with these 3 pages (though the 3rd has two pages and only the first is done).
4/26/20: Kicking off another 2 day session of moving New Card Ratings to new pages.
4/25/20: Revised the first 3 parts of "Clash in the Colisseum". Bear in mind that with these updates, there may not be a mention of the real card as they didn't exist at the time the Episode Comparisons were written.
4/24/20: The 2nd day of card breakups begins.
4/23/20: Starting 2 days of card breakups today.
4/22/20: There's 3 more pages created from the updates that started yesterday.
4/21/20: Starting Day 1 of moving Unrated Cards to their new homes and have done so with DPKB-EN and 5DS3-EN.
4/20/20: I've realized that I'd been getting carried away with the updates. I just kept adding things to do without really thinking about the consequences (ie disk space). As a result, many of the projects I intended to continue are going to be scrapped. What's left will be Card Ratings, Card Spoilers (for rated cards, except Promo and Skill Cards, which'll still have text card ratings since they're more individual), Episode Comparisons, and non-Yu-Gi-Oh pages.

As a bonus, New Card Ratings will have the spoiler that contains those new cards up to card #55 (excluding those with large spoilers and/or large gaps between the New Card Ratings which will only have the New Card Ratings). Plus, all the Card Ratings pages will now be condensed to 1 single link under the explanation for the Card Ratings (including the Spoiler page, which'll link to the Card Ratings' 1st page. So no more of the cluttered menu.
Today I'm continuing yesterday's revisions of Episode Comparisons, which also will replace the Anime Card Ratings and such as the Episode Comparisons already compare the anime version to its real card counterpart.
4/19/20: SR10-EN will be the last of the ratings on the Unrated Card Ratings pages as those pages will be replaced by New Card Ratings pages, which are pages for individual products with new cards being rated. They will also feature a Text Page (if there's 7 or more cards that get rated) and the spoiler with the new ratings (if the total number of cards is 50 or less), complete with the color coding found on the regular spoiler page. An example can be found here.
 Currently, SR10-EN is on the final page of Unrated Card Ratings but will be moved in the future as that's what I spent much of yesterday doing. Of course, there's still the card break ups to do too and I'll resume those when the cards are all moved to their new pages.
4/18/20: Rated the 8 new SR10-EN cards today.
4/17/20: So where'd all the Episode Cards pages go? I deleted them. They were adding to my workload and you can see the cards linked on the Episode Comparisons pages anyway. I also figured they'd add to the amount of space my site takes up and were delaying the eventual completion of revisions. As a result, there are now no links to those pages and all pages that would've had it will lose the bottom header. Now, there's only 3 projects to complete and I'm continuing one of them today.
4/16/20: Added Text Episode Cards for the last two parts of "Sinister Secrets".
4/15/20: Text Episode Cards are done for "Let the Games Begin (Part 2)" and "Child's Play".
4/14/20: Picking up where yesterday left off with "Legendary Fisherman (Part 1)" and a few more.
4/13/20: Began adding card image links to Season 2 Episode Comparisons pages.
4/12/20: Pages 39 to yesterday's last updated page have fixed Trap Cards.
4/10/20: Unrated Card Ratings is back to getting their Trap Cards redone and 4 pages already have this done.
4/9/20: Trap Cards are being redone for Visual Episode Cards pages, starting with "The Gauntlet is Thrown"'s. The amount should go down over time as cards are updated and fix the same spots for subsequent cards that use the same images.
4/7/20: Created more text Episode Cards pages from where yesterday left off.
4/6/20: Completed SESL-EN's card spoiler and "Grappling with a Guardian (Part 3)"'s Text Episode Cards.
4/5/20: Ratings are done for SESL-EN and I've also added "Fighting for a Friend (Part 3)"'s Text Episode Cards.
4/4/20: As mentioned yesterday, I've begun ratings for SESL-EN's new cards today. Synchros have also gotten a slightly darker label on the 72nd page of Text Unrated Card Ratings so that there's a bigger difference in color between it and the card info below it.
4/3/20: Yesterday afternoon, I realized the non-foil Trap Cards were still a bit too bright so I tweaked the template (and consequently had to darken the foil Trap Card template too so that there was a clear difference) Then, I fixed the most recent 10 or so Unrated Cards pages to fix the Trap Cards on those pages. They look MUCH better now and should be a lot easier on the eyes. It also makes them more realistic but as I said, the change to the template is to reduce strain on the eyes not realism.

It's only Trap Cards though so it shouldn't take me long to catch up. Even so, I also darkened the text a bit so that it too is easier on the eyes. If you don't see it yet, you'll see it with the ratings I start tomorrow. Today's update should help make up for that escapade as the first two episodes now have slightly darker summary text and links to actual cards (or anime cards) where possible.

They may not match the mock-ups on the Episode Cards pages, which are now also linked at the top with the text versions. They're meant to be the clearest image of the card so you don't have to visit the Episode Cards pages if you don't want to. It also provides an easy out in case disk space becomes an issue. I'll be going through the updates to the Episode Comparisons today and tomorrow (though there will be a bit less on the 2nd day due to the Card Ratings in the morining
4/2/20: Broke up Page 3 of Unrated Cards today and provided a look at what's to come for the Episode Comparisons pages starting tomorrow.
4/1/20: More card break ups for today and tomorrow, starting with Page 34 of Unrated Cards.
3/31/20: Added "The Master of Magicians (Part 3)", "Mind Game (Part 3)" and "A Duel with Destiny (Part 1)"s' visual episode cards.
3/30/20: "The Dark Spirit Revealed (Part 2)" now has its visual Episode Cards.
3/29/20: Completed text episode cards for 2 more Episode Comparisons pages.
3/28/20: Starting another 2 days of text Episode Cards pages (where the only visible changes are the lack of Episode Cards at the bottom of the Episode Summary's pages.
3/27/20: Completed DUOV-EN's card spoiler.
3/26/20: DUOV-EN's new cards have all been rated now and I've redone the 1st 10 episodes of my very first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. I intend to redo more today and tomorrow.
3/21/20: Ratings are now ongoing for DUOV-EN's 56 new cards.
3/20/20: Starting more card break-ups of Unrated Card Ratings' cards.
3/19/20: Started Day 2 of yesterday's updates with "The Master of Magicians (Part 2)"'s Episode Cards.
3/18/20: Added "Steppin' Out"'s Episode Cards to start 2 days of adding and linking them to Episode Comparisons pages.
3/17/20: Day 2 of yesterday's updates has begun with "Noah's Final Threat (Part 2)".
3/16/20: Began 2 more days of adding text versions of Episode Cards pages for Season 3 episodes.
3/14/20: Updated 2 more Robot Wars text episodes and the rest of Gx Season 2's Episode Comparisons pages.
3/13/20: More BattleBots Text episodes are being redone. If you're intending on going to BattleBots 2020, you should be aware of the news that was released hours ago.
3/12/20: Several months' worth of the oldest Yu-Gi-Oh news (which wasn't much each month back then due to the sources I used at the time) has been updated with the changes.
3/11/20: Day 2 of Unrated Card Ratings card breakups has begun. The BattleBots news page also got a much-needed update regarding recent news.
3/10/20: Starting more Unrated Card Ratings card breakups.
3/9/20: Day 2 of creating visual Epsiode Cards pages is underway.
3/8/20: "Keith's Machinations (Part 2)"'s visual Episode Cards are done.
3/7/20: Day 2 of Episode Cards pages is underway.
3/6/20: Episode Cards text pages are done for both parts of "The Dark Spirit Revealed and "Lights, Camera, Duel!"
3/5/20: Another day of revising Episode Comparisons and this time should see the completion of Gx
Season 2.
3/4/20: Revisions for Season 2 of Gx Episode Comparisons are underway.
3/3/20: More Robot Wars Text Episodes revised. This'll probably be the last full day the pages get as they're already nearing Season 3.
3/2/20: 2 more BattleBots Season 2 Text Episodes have been updated. There was also a change to the oldest page of Yu-Gi-Oh News last night to start moving the entries over to individual pages and convert the oldest news page into an index page for the oldest news.
3/1/20: Revised September 2017's news page.
2/29/20: Opting to do two days of revisions for pages that have a lot to do like the Card Ratings and such so today is another day of revising those types of cards and I've revised Unrated Cards page 56 and half of page 55.
2/28/20: Revised Unrated Cards Page 58 today.
2/27/20: Added "Champion vs. Creator (Part 2)"'s Episode Cards and began "Duel Identity
(Part 1)"'s Episode Cards.
2/26/20: Both parts of "Legendary Fisherman" now have Episode Cards text pages.
2/25/20: Revised Episode Comparisons pages for episodes 23 to 30 as I didn't do this yesterday due to completing the Bite Force BattleBots kit.
2/24/20: Revised Gx Episode Comparisons for episodes 18 to 22 today.
2/23/20: Episodes 14-15 have their Episode Cards page.
2/22/20: Revised September 2016's news page.
2/21/20: Robot Wars Text Episodes got two more done (and since they're already on Season 2, there's less of a need to get them done quickly so they'll be done less frequently). As a bonus, I prepared much of the remaining Season 5 Episode Comparisons pages for Episode Cards.
2/20/20: BattleBots Text Episodes are back to revisions. I should be able to finish Season 1 today.
2/19/20: More visual Episode Cards pages are being made.
2/18/20: Added more Episode Cards text pages for Season 2 Episode Comparisons pages.
2/17/20: Revised most of the remaining Season 4 Episode Comparisons pages today to prepare them for their new Episode Cards pages.
2/16/20: SDSH-EN's spoiler is up and I've redone some of Unrated Card Ratings Page 60.
2/15/20: Rated the new SDSH-EN cards and completed the visual Episode Cards version of "First Duel"'s Episode Cards.
2/14/20: Updated October 2018's Yu-Gi-Oh news page.
2/13/20: Updated the Robot Wars Text Episodes, which are now nearing completion for Season 1.
2/12/20: Page revision updates are now back to cycling through, at least until the release of Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown.
2/11/20: Completed IGAS-EN's spoiler and revised "Legendary Heroes (Part 2)" and created its Episode Cards text page.
2/7/20: I'm opting to end the individual Rarity Changes and Episode Cards links for fears of eventually running out of space. Plus, it adds to my workload. Rarity Changes and Episode Cards will still have the compilation pages (and Episode Cards will also get a text version page) but eventually, the individual pages will all be removed. It also creates confusion, which is partially why Rarity Changes pages have no text page. I'll be creating the text versions of Episode Cards pages over time until at least I get caught up with where the original revisions are.
2/5/20: Just chiming in to update regarding the aforementioned update below. I'm including the link to each Episode Comparison's Episode Cards page at the bottom of the summary. This'll also be in case space becomes an issue. Then that will be all I do with the Episode Cards. This compilation of Episode Cards will be done the day after I have a full or nearly full day of revising Episode Comparisons pages.
2/4/20: Today, I'm noting a revision that is in a trial run for the Episode Comparisons pages. I've redone "Heart of the Cards" to remove the Episode Cards at the bottom and instead link them in the summary itself. This is to mostly reduce the length of the page and also provide more convenience for you.
I've thought about having a page linked at the bottom of the episode summary that has all the individual Episode Cards on it (or as close to 20 as possible if more than 20 were played). If space on my comp or my host becomes an issue, I'll implement the backup plan I have that won't show much of a difference.
I've already had fun doing this update last night and they also have the same update the other pages are getting regarding the card images. It'll take longer to get things done but I think it'll be worth it.
2/1/20: Rated both the 2020 YCSW-EN card (Duel Link Dragon) the first 10 IGAS-EN cards, a few of which have a small deviation from how I had been revising them as they're brand new cards and I opted for an unorthodox method to break up the large image instead of resizing the image and breaking that up before saving them (which is much faster and thus easier).
1/31/20: Finished revisions for "Trial by Stone" and the remaining parts of "Fate of the Pharaoh".
1/30/20: Unrated Cards Page 65 has updated cards.
1/29/20: Revised various pages today, notably Firestorm and Chaos 2's statistics pages, the toy reviews pages, etc.
1/28/20: Various pages were updated today.
1/27/20: Completed revisions for all 3 parts of "My Freaky Valentine", "The Challenge" and part 1 of "Fate of the Pharaoh".
1/26/20: Did some minor work on all 3 individual Bloopers pages and revised S1E2 of Robot Wars Text Episodes.
1/25/20: S1E4 of BattleBots Text Episodes has been revised as well as several cards on Unrated Cards Page 66.
1/24/20: Revised both the BattleBots News and BattleBots Tournament Lineup pages.
1/23/20: The Robot Wars Fight Summaries page got more revisions done.
1/22/20: Revised more BattleBots Fights on its page and will likely finish revisions today.
1/21/20: LED6-EN's spoiler is done and I've also redone S1E1 of my Robot Wars text episodes (at the bottom).
1/20/20: Completed LED6-EN's new card ratings and there's a change to the cards on the 69th page. It's to break up the card image so that the images are smaller It also allows me to reuse some images for other cards with that same property (ie non-foil Level 4) and it takes more images to be lost for the card to completely disappear. I plan to revamp all previous and future cards to match this new format, though you may not notice unless you try to take a copy of the whole card image. These changes will be added to the afternoon revision updates, which are also going to be cycled through so I won't do the same revisions (ie news-related) each day.
1/18/20: LED6-EN's new cards' ratings have begun.
1/17/20: BattleBots Text Episodes Season 2 has begun revisions with the episodes (with episode 1 at the bottom) but is complete otherwise.
1/16/20: Revised more BattleBots Fights on its page.
1/15/20: Revised both pages of "Deja Duel" and "An Unexpected Enemy"'s page.
1/14/20: Completed FOTB-EN's Visual Spoiler as well as my hypothetical DRL7-EN booster set.
1/13/20: SOVR-EN's Rarity Changes have been compiled.
1/12/20: Started CIBR-EN's Rarity Comparisons.
1/11/20: Finished page 8 of Ridiculed Cards.
1/10/20: Updated the Federal Signal Sirens page with more info.
1/9/20: The BattleBots Fights page got more revisions done. I've also been revising the Yu-Gi-Oh news pages every other afternoon.
1/8/20: Episodes 146, 147 and 148's summary pages got revisions.
1/7/20: My hypothetical DRL7-EN is now 10 cards away from completion.
1/6/20: PTDN-EN's Rarity Changes have been compiled.
1/5/20: Updated the Robot Wars Tournaments page, though I'm not entirely sold on the table layout.
1/4/20: Did more revisions on the BattleBots Text Episodes page to split them up by season and tweaked Season 1's episodes.
1/3/20: Completed LODT-EN's Rarity Comparisons (which I note stop at card 80 because all cards thereafter are in different products and/or TCG exclusives).
1/2/20: The Episode Bloopers page has been redone to move the content to individual pages. I've also revised one of those individual pages. Also did more revisions on the BattleBots Fights page.
1/1/20: To bring in the new year and decade, I've done more GENF-EN card improvements.
12/31/19: Had intended on redoing at least the 1st two episode summary pages from Season 4 but instead did "A New Evil (1)" and "A Duel with Dartz (2)".
12/30/19: Well it's nearly the new year (and decade) so I've gone back to December 2016's news page to complete the revisions seen on the current news page.
12/29/19: 10 more hypothetical DRL7-EN cards are up.
12/28/19 Completed CHIM-EN's Rarity Changes, which are now in a new folder where the others will eventually be moved to or put into later.
12/27/19: Completed CDIP-EN's Improved Effects and started GENF-EN's.
12/26/19: Opted to take a break yesterday after the morning's events so today I've done what would've been done yesterday, more Ridiculed Cards.
12/24/19: ANPR-EN's Visual Spoiler is done.
12/23/19: Revisions are complete for the 2nd Gx Episode Errors page and partially done for the BattleBots Text Episodes page.
 12/22/19: Revised more of the Robot Wars fight summaries on its page.
12/21/19: More siren info is up for the Federal Signal page.
12/20/19: More revisions done on the BattleBots Fights page (and to keep up, simply scroll down more each time as the updates are taking place in descending order).
12/19/19: More LODT-EN rarity comparisons are up.
12/18/19: MFC-EN's improved effects are done so I've started CDIP-EN's.
12/17/19: Completed JOTL-EN's Visual Spoiler today.
12/16/19: Another 10 hypothetical DRL7-EN cards are up.
12/15/19: Rated the final remaining Shonen Jump promos (as the magazine has or will cease production completely) that were available late last year and redid half of the Gx Episode Errors pages.
12/14/19: Started revisions for Chaos 2's Robot Wars history (including mine from after the original show ended).
12/13/19: Added more recently created Yu-Gi-Oh games. I've also recently revised the update to the Yu-Gi-Oh News page for December 2019 a bit so that each entry has its own cell in the table. It's easier to copy-paste and should eliminate the problem I'd been having previously regarding color coding.
12/12/19: Started revisions for the Robot Wars Fight Summaries page.
12/11/19: Was having second thoughts on the redesign of the BattleBots Fights page so I've gone back with a new approach that I think looks better (or will once things are cleaned up).
12/10/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up.
12/9/19: Completed revisions for the remaining Season 3 episode comparisons pages.
12/8/19: Added what will be the last of the Special Edition promos as they just got confusing looking at what I was going to do next thanks to the Advance, Super and Deluxe Editions.
12/7/19: Rated SBTK-EN's Skill Cards and added a page for Federal Signal Warning Sirens to kick off that subject's updates.
12/6/19: Completed EXFO-EN's Visual Spoiler today and last night saw a change to the December 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh News page to condense things into one individual cell and allow the sometimes lengthy URLs and information titles to spread out and take up less space. I've color coded them so you know what to look for. This isn't necessarily a permanent change yet. I'll see how things go for the rest of this month.
12/5/19: Did much of MFC's Improved Effects page.
12/4/19: There's a new page for comparing Anime cards to their TCG counterparts (though for now the TCG ones are mostly the ones I made).
12/3/19: Started the Light of Destruction Rarity Comparisons (which compare the English and Japanese card rarities for each card, though only 1 rarity when there's multiple).
12/2/19: Completed RDS-EN's Rarity Changes.
12/1/19: There's 8 new ridiculed cards up today as the standard 4 proved to be too easy to make since they were all pretty much identical.
11/30/19: Completed page 3 of Special Edition promos, which includes the Ra Yellow Mega Pack promo.
11/29/19: The first 3 parts of "The Final Face-Off" are done.
11/28/19: Another 10 hypothetical DRL7-EN cards are up.
11/27/19: MYFI-EN's spoiler is done and so are all the Rarity Changes I've been doing in recent months.
11/24/19: Completed MYFI-EN ratings.
11/23/19: Began ratings for MYFI-EN.
11/22/19: Ridiculed 4 more cards today.
11/21/19: Revised all 3 "Battle for Bronze" pages today and you'll probably notice more URL changes as I've moved more pages into folders last night.
11/20/19: Began Rarity Changes for STBL-EN.
11/19/19: Started a hypothetical DRL7-EN.
11/18/19: Several more Special Edition promo cards are up.
11/17/19: Completed page 2 of Praised Cards.
11/16/19: Opted to break up the Robot Wars Text Episodes page into 3 seasons and change the font color for the summaries themselves so that it's easier on the eyes. That meant that the main page also got an update to make it the main page for the seasons of the show.
11/15/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up.
11/14/19: My Hypothetical DRL6-EN is complete.
11/13/19: Completed revisions for the last two "Clash in the Colosseum" episode summary pages.
11/12/19: Compiled more Special Edition promos.
11/11/19: There's another 4 Praised Cards up.
11/10/19: Opting to include the Rarity Changes once a week in the usual rotation of updates, at least until they're done. So today I've done
RATE-EN pages 3 and 4.
11/9/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up.
11/8/19: Started a page for Special Edition promo cards.
11/7/19: Revised "Clash in the Colosseum" parts 3 and 4 today. I've also finished the aforementioned revisions last night and thus return to Rarity Changes in the afternoons.
11/6/19: DRL6-EN has now only 10 cards left to reveal as of today and there's a tweak to most Link Monster pages again to put the Link Arrows info with the rest of the info. This makes it easier to transfer the info from one page to another. Don't worry, I kept the orange color the original pages had so it'll stand out. Plus, it generally fits well with no text on a 2nd line. I'll be finishing that today and going back to the Rarity Changes.
11/5/19: With CHIM-EN's ratings done, I made the spoiler today.
10/26/19: CHIM-EN ratings are now ongoing.
10/25/19: Compiled the rest of the Book Promo Cards and rated 1 that was missing, Gagaga Head.
10/24/19: Completed revisions for "The Darkness Returns" parts 3 and 4 and "Clash in the Colosseum" parts 1 and 2.
10/23/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up on a new page.
10/22/19: Wrapped up adding summaries to the Season 5 Episode Comparisons main page today.
10/21/19: Added another 10 hypothetical DRL6-EN cards. Also opted to fix the other Synchro Monster promo cards last night for consistancy.
10/20/19: Completed the Gx and 5Ds Manga promo compilation today, which includes updated versions of some promos for consistancy.
10/19/19: Manged to revise All 3 "Back to Battle City" pages, and 2 of the "The Darkness Returns" pages today.
10/18/19: More praised cards are up. I've also gone back to the booster sets with Link Monsters that have been revised thus far to add the hyphen that is actually present on cards. (So Link 2 becomes Link-2).
10/17/19: Started Season 5's episode summary main page revisions.
10/16/19: Began the Book Promo compilation today.
10/15/19: Completed the 6th page of Ridiculed Cards.
10/14/19: Revised "So Close and Yet So Far" and both parts of "Burying the Past" today. I'm also not rating products where only like 1 or two cards out of the whole set need to be rated. This saves me from having to do pretty much the entire spoiler. I'll wait for the reprint where maybe more new cards are released.
10/13/19: Another 10 cards are up for my hypothetical DRL6 product.
10/12/19: Rated all Skill Cards released thus far (excluding the promo versions like Bandit, which was also re-released).
10/9/19: Skill Card ratings are now underway.
10/8/19: Managed to complete the update mentioned yesterday so all that's left is to rate the Skill Cards. Today's update has to do with the hypothetical DRL6-EN product. I've added another 10 cards there.
10/7/19: Sorry for the mess on the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page. I'm working a new method to split them up by years (2018 and 2019 for example). They'll also be better broken up so that there's a section for Card Rating and a section for non-card ratings. The main Card Ratings page will show this better and will link to the booster sets located in the range under the section header. I'm opting to continue work on this until it is completed. I'm also opting to rate Skill Cards but only as they apply to Speed Dueling. Thus, they may get a bit more lenience for their ratings. I'll start rating Skill Cards once I get done with the mess stated above.
10/6/19: The two Master Collection promo card sets are up.
10/5/19: Praised 4 more cards today.
10/4/19: Added more Ridiculed Cards today.
10/3/19: Began the next hypothetical Dragons of Legend set today.
10/2/19: Completed Yu-Gi-Oh Season 4's main page summaries.
10/1/19: Wrapped up LED5-EN's new card ratings and completed the spoiler.
9/29/19: LED5-EN's new cards are now being rated.
9/28/19: Rated the only two new AC19-EN cards, completed the spoiler and added 4 new Praised Cards.
9/27/19: More Ridiculed Cards up.
9/26/19: DRL5-EN's hypothetical cards are now all added.
9/25/19: Completed the Mega Tin promos page.
9/24/19: Completed both pages of "Noah's Final Threat".
9/23/19: Finished page 1 of Praised Cards.
9/22/19: Added more Ridiculed Cards today.
9/21/19: More hypothetical cards are up.
9/20/19: Started the update for Yu-Gi-Oh Season 4's episode summaries main page.
9/19/19: Started the Mega Tin promos page but I had to create the foil for the Pendulum Monster template and that took a lot of time.
9/18/19: The "Brothers in Arms" trilogy is done (though the 1st part did have a tweak done too).
9/17/19: Praised more cards today.
9/16/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up and I'm starting with LOB-EN cards.
9/15/19: To get things going again, I've done the next 10 hypothetical DRL5-EN cards.
9/14/19: Site is back on my previous host as the problem was due to a large amount of junk files pretty much unrelated to my site (logs and stuff) that were occupying the vast amount of space I actually had. That's been taken care of so I should be back to regular updates tomorrow.
9/7/19: Since I can't yet publish any new pages to the server (at least until I get a possible new one, which I'm working on), I'll be doing different updates in the afternoon and today's update completed Season 3's episode summaries page revisions.
9/6/19: Revised "Merger of the Big Five (1)" and "Merger of the Big Five (2)"'s pages today. As for the hiccups regarding folders, seems that's proving difficult to narrow down, even for my dad, whom was trying to diagnose the problem last night. Unfortunately, this means I can't really put things in folders yet.
9/5/19: Added 5 more hypothetical DRL5-EN cards today. I've also been recently trying to put the string of Unrated Cards pages in folders but haven't had any success yet.
9/4/19: The new ARC-V Manga promo has been rated and there's new Ridiculed Cards up. I've also been working on the Rarity Changes for booster sets in the afternoons to get that going. Some booster sets also got folders made so it's less cluttered with my software. 
9/3/19: 4 more Praised Cards are up.
9/2/19: Roughly half of Season 3's episode comparisons page is done.
9/1/19: Compiled the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin promo cards on its own page.
8/31/19: Rated the new promos from the 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin.
8/30/19: Revised "Settling the Score (2)" and "Noah's Secret"'s summary pages.
8/29/19: My hypothetical DRL5-EN has 10 new cards revealed.
8/28/19: Completed IOC-EN's Rarity Changes pages.
8/27/19: FIGA-EN's ratings have completed (including 1 card I forgot about) and the spoiler is up too. I also wrapped up redoing Link and foil Spell Cards post MACR-EN so I've been starting revisions for pages with Pendulum Monsters.
8/24/19: FIGA-EN's new cards' ratings are underway. I'm also including the booster sets for afternoon updates as the changes only take about 40 minutes to complete. This gets me ready for when the pages need visual spoiler and rarity changes pages.
8/23/19: I'm incorporating the revisions to booster sets with Pendulum Monsters to bring them up to the changes I did on a few recent pages, starting with BOSH-EN.
8/22/19: Finished IOC-EN's changed rarities and Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2's summaries main page.
8/21/19: Rated the Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution promo cards today and opted to redo the Link Monsters on that same page. They're also found on the uncategorized 3rd page of video game promos, whose text page is now 3 individual pages to match the visual pages. I've also replaced the Shonen Jump Promo that was redone today on its page.
8/20/19: Began my hypothetical DRL5-EN booster set today. You may have also noticed changes to foil Spell Cards and Link Monsters last night. I've begun going back to those to make tweaks to how the foil is shown. Now Spell Cards and Link Monsters have an easier-to-see foil for the "Attribute" and Link Arrows respectively.
8/19/19: Revised "Mechanical Mayhem (2)" and "Settling the Score (1)"'s summaries today.
8/18/19: Concluded SDRR-EN's card ratings and completed the spoiler.
8/17/19: Ratings for both Darkness Metal, the Dragon of Dark Steel and much of SDRR-EN are up.
8/16/19: IOC-EN has more rarity changes.
8/15/19: My hypothetical DRL4-EN booster set is done.
8/14/19: Completed half of Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2's episode summaries main page today.
8/13/19: Added more Praised Cards today.
8/12/19: Revised "Courtroom Chaos (2)" and "Mechanical Mayhem (1)"s' summary pages.
8/11/19: More IOC-EN cards have their changed rarities.
8/10/19: More hypothetical DRL4-EN cards are up.
8/9/19: RIRA-EN's visual spoiler pages are done today. I will not be rating the new cards in Speed Starters: Ultimate Predators because then I'd have to review the Skill Cards from past products and all those cards are entirely restrained for use in Speed Duels.
8/8/19: RIRA-EN's changed rarities pages are done.
8/7/19: Completed RIRA-EN's card spoiler today.
8/6/19: Wrapped up RIRA-EN ratings today.
7/29/19: RIRA-EN ratings are still ongoing but I wanted to chime in to note a change to the page I worked on yesterday. It and the text page have Pendulum Monsters color coded instead of noting which effect is which as that takes up extra space. This also meant I removed the label for Pendulum Monsters as it's no longer needed. The rest of the info regarding the rating and such stayed as is. It also cuts down on space as I can now have them directly underneath one another.
7/27/19: RIRA-EN card ratings are now underway.
7/26/19: There's a new update to add in the form of Praised Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, where I make fun of them in a positive light. I've added 4 of these cards today.
7/25/19: You may have noticed I've stopped adding Misprinted and Typo'd cards lately. They're honestly getting boring as there's very little variation I can do. Instead, I'm doing other things to replace them and today's update revised and completed Yu-Gi-Oh Season 1's main episode summaries page. I've also corrected an error on the hypothetical DRL4-EN page for Speed Spell - End of the Storm.
7/24/19: IOC-EN's Rarity Changes are underway.
7/23/19: More Ridiculed Cards are up.
7/22/19: Revised "Courtroom Chaos (1)"'s episode summary page.
7/21/19: Another 10 hypothetical DRL4-EN cards are up.
7/20/19: DCR-EN's Rarity Changes pages are done.
7/19/19: BLHR-EN's spoiler is up and linked to the various pages.
7/18/19: Completed BLHR-EN's ratings today.
7/13/19: Ratings for BLHR-EN's new cards have begun today.
7/12/19: I've added more misprinted cards.
7/11/19: Finished the bonus promo cards for the Duelist Pack Collection Tins released thus far.
7/10/19: Fixed typos on a few pages like DCR-EN's 2nd page and revised "Freeze Play (2)"'s episode summary page.
7/9/19: Another 10 hypothetical DRL4-EN cards are up.
7/8/19: Wrapped up DCR-EN's corrected rarities.
7/7/19: There's new misprinted cards on a new 4th page.
7/6/19: Began adding the bonus cards included with the Duelist Pack Collection Tins where necessary.
7/5/19: Revised more Episode Comparisons pages today.
7/4/19: Doubled up on the number of cards I add for the hypothetical DRL4-EN booster set by adding 10 today.
7/3/19: I've posted more Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards today.
7/2/19: Continued the corrected rarities for DCR-EN.
7/1/19: More Episode Comparisons pages have been revised, which has begun revisions for
Season 3.
6/30/19: Moved to the Duelist Pack Collection Tin promos today, starting with the individual ones.
6/29/19: 5 more cards from my hypothetical DRL4-EN set have been added.
6/28/19: I've put up new Typo'd cards.
6/27/19: Added more misprinted cards.
6/26/19: More ridiculed cards are up.
6/25/19: Revised more episode summaries pages.
6/24/19: Completed the Collector's Tin bonus promos up to now.
6/23/19: I've added an additional new update to add to the rotation, hypothetical products. As such, I've added the first 5 cards for a hypothetical 4th Dragons of Legend booster set.
6/22/19: There's more ridiculed cards on a new 5th page.
6/21/19: I'm now including the Episode Comparisons main pages in these updates as they also need to be done. With that, I've done half of the 2nd Yu-Gi-Oh anime's main page links for Season 1.
6/20/19: More Typo'd cards are up and I plan on splitting up the text page so that the pages already done have a matching text page.
6/19/19: You can find more misprinted cards on its 3rd page.
6/18/19: The next batch of Collector's Tins bonus promos is up.
6/17/19: Today, I've started DCR's changed rarities.
6/16/19: More ridiculed cards got done today.
6/15/19: Updated more episode summaries pages.
6/14/19: Added more Typo'd cards to its 6th page.
6/13/19: More Collector's Tins bonus promos are up on its new 3rd page.
6/12/19: More misprinted cards are up.
6/11/19: There's more Ridiculed cards posted.
6/10/19: Made two pages for MFC's rarity changes as there were some I overlooked and had to make the updated rarities for. Also updated the Yu-Gi-Oh Content page to link to the page that details my views on Archetypes.
6/9/19: Today's update revised more Episode Comparisons pages for Yu-Gi-Oh Season 2.
6/8/19: Added more Collector's Tins bonus promos on its 2nd page.
6/7/19:  Finished up MFC's changed rarities on its pages.
6/6/19: Another 5 misprinted cards have been added to a new 3rd page.
6/4/19: 4 new Typo'd cards are up.
6/3/19: More Collector's Tins bonus promo cards are up.
6/2/19: Added 4 more Ridiculed Cards to its 4th page.
6/1/19: Opting to cycle through different updates on different days so one day will be what I did today for example on the first three Magician's Force ratings and visual spoiler pages (adding changed rarities for cards I feel were too easy/hard to obtain for the rating I gave them) and tomorrow would be something else. I'm opting to even include the stuff I was going to save for later so that will still get done. It keeps things interesting for me and you as a whole. 
5/25/19: Wrapped up compiling the regular Collector's Tins promos so I've moved to the Super Rare ones that came as bonuses in later Collector's Tins. I've also put up a page that explain why I'm so unwilling to view Archetypes in a positive light apart from a few.
5/24/19: Started the Collector's Tins promos which'll only include the individual promo cards featured on the tin itself, not the bonus ones in the Collection Tins and Mega Tins in later years. I may include a page for those bonus promos later though.
5/23/19: Put up the Shonen Jump Scholastic promos I neglected to do after compiling the other magazine promos.
5/22/19: Tag Force promos are all up and that pretty much ends the video game promos until the release of Legacy of the Duelist in Europe (and possibly other countries).
5/21/19: Finished compiling the general video game promo cards so I've done half of the Tag Force promo cards today. You'll notice the order for those uncategorized video game promos are now in the proper order whereas before they weren't. I felt that was something that should be done.
5/17/19: I realized yesterday that I was missing cards from before I started rating cards as a whole so today, that's what I've begun doing. I moved the cards originally on page 1 to page 3.
5/16/19: I'm back to compiling video game promos and am at the uncategorized ones with individual releases.
5/15/19: DANE-EN's card spoiler is done.
5/14/19: Last night, I decided to add a page for my Improved Forbidden & Limited List page (though it's still a work in progress). Today, I've put up DANE-EN's visual spoiler and rarity changes pages. Plus, all links to DJCR pages have been removed from the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page as have the placeholders for the Rarity Changes text pages (as the rarities are the only change for the English card info).
5/13/19: Last night, I opted to create the page for both how I do my card ratings and what the various terms mean. Today's update finished DANE-EN's card ratings and now all 5 pages feature the link to the page explaining my card ratings. This will be the case going foward and I will eventually add it to previous card ratings pages.
5/4/19: DANE-EN ratings are underway but the end has come for Different Japan Card Rarities as I've realized it's a chore to do and will be a chore to redo the ones that I hadn't done. Instead, I'm opting for 2 other options, one of which is already on DANE-EN's first page. You'll find both new ideas at the top of that same page. I've also modified the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page to not only prepare for the new links but also split things up so the rated stuff is separate from the related stuff that isn't rated.
5/1/19: Shonen Jump cards have been compiled so I'm on to the video game promos and since there's so many, I'm categorizing them as best I can starting with the Power of Chaos ones, which got done today.
4/27/19: Rated the errata'd Chaos Emperor Dragon card from Shonen Jump released last year in addition to adding the Shonen Jump promo cards.
4/26/19: I realized yesterday that doing these revisions daily is becoming a chore so I'm saving them for bonus updates when the update for the day is either light or I don't know what to do. This has allowed me to start compilations pages where all cards released for a theme are put together, starting with Shonen Jump promos. This includes cards that weren't rated at all.
4/21/19: Put up SR08-EN's spoiler and have since reverted back to a previous idea for Pendulum Monsters as it takes up less space while still drawing you to the various bits of info. Plus, in the case of the card info, it doesn't really save much space. Plus, it's more difficult to copy-paste. I've also gone back and revised more card ratings pages. (I had been convinced I did them but in fact I hadn't.) So far, YMP1-EN, YSD-EN and YSDJ-EN are done with much of YSDS-EN still to redo.
4/20/19: The revisions are still ongoing but there's been changes to the homepage as I realized it was getting too long. Now everything has its own page and there's one link to that page on the main page. There's also some new subjects I hadn't had previously even though there was some content related to it (ie warning sirens). The pages are currently up but may go through some tweaks when I get to that point. It'll make the navigation much smaller. Today's update rated the new
SR08-EN cards.
4/8/19: DUPO-EN's card spoiler is done and linked. You'll also notice a tweak on the pages for DUPO-EN's cards whereby Pendulum Monster info is now in two separate cells of the table. This makes it easier to tell them apart and I think to an extent condenses the content.
4/4/19: DUPO-EN's new cards are being rated and I've also tweaked the homepage to reduce brightness with the text. There's also a new page for card rarities, which is also being added to each of the episode summaries pages (and eventually the fanfic episodes pages).
3/29/19: INCH-EN's ratings wrapped up about 2 days ago so I've done the spoiler today. I've also started Stage 2 of the revisions (and am now saving the DJCR pages for the end so that everything else can get done first), starting with the 5Ds episode summaries pages.
3/23/19: INCH-EN's new cards are now being rated. The other updates will still apply in the afternoon. Speaking of which, I'm nearing the end of Phase 1 (fixing the card images for consistancy and better accuracy, not to mention reducing brightness) of the revisions and should be starting Phase 2 (fixing the Japanese card images where necessary) soon.
3/5/19: Mostly just posting that I've rated Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon on Promo Cards Page 15 in addition to the aforementioned updates still underway, which are now at RDS-EN.
2/21/19: Just a bit of a status update as to where I am regarding the revisions. I'm currently on NECH-EN and will be alternating when I do these just for a change of pace (and so that the other activity I do during the day can take place). This should allow for more cards to get updated per day as well. I will still do the revisions during the morning each day though.
2/16/19: Completed SDSB-EN's card ratings on the linked page below and added the text spoiler.
2/15/19: Most of SDSB-EN's new cards have been rated on Unrated Cards Page 55.
2/13/19: SAST-EN's visual and rated spoilers are done.
2/12/19: Completed SAST-JP's DJCR and text pages today.
2/11/19: Ratings for SAST-EN have ended as of today.
2/6/19: Made slight tweaks to the first bar for Link Monsters to both the 3rd page of SAST-EN and its text ratings page in that now it says Active Link Arrows, which I think makes it easier to understand. I've also made the font smaller and (for the text page) the text gets its own space that runs the length of the table directly underneath the Set ID. This is what I have decided for going forward.
2/3/19: You may have noticed the tweak to the February 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh News page in that now it says what product the news comes from (if any). I figure this'd not only help me remember but also help you remember since I generally only write out the product name once or twice (or until the set ID is revealed).
2/2/19: I've begun SAST-EN's card ratings today. You may also notice I'm preparing pages further down the line for the changes that I've been doing.
1/30/19: I can finally say I'm caught up from after I went back to the beginning to remake the cards with the proper fonts. I still have several more sets that need the proper fonts but most of them are 100 cards or less.
1/20/19: Upon realizing that the booster sets and products that needed the update, only a small number (compared to the ones that already have the proper fonts) had the original fonts I used before I found out what they were. As a result, I'm going back through the ones that still have the old fonts to update them to the current one.
It shouldn't be a long delay since I haven't gotten too far into things and in terms of ABC order, I'll get to skip some of the sets along the way. It'll also be less work since I can just copy-paste the name and it'll be ready to go instead of having to work to find other letters in the card's name that need to be smaller. It was also making things hard to read, even for Commons. Rares on the other hand I've felt needed a more accurate representation as they're often hard to read in actual card images, even in proper lighting. I'm leaving everything else as is.
As for the update, I accidentally started with ANPR-EN but that's done as of this mornijng and I've started 5DS1-EN too.
1/16/19: I've rated the latest Championship Series prize card (from back in 2018) on Promo Cards Page 15 in addition to the revisions I've been doing.
1/15/19: It's back to the revising of Commons and Rares from booster sets and other products until the release of Savage Strike (I'm skipping the Skill Card products as they're akin to the illegal prize cards since they're only good for a specific format. I will still rate any new or drastically updated regular cards in them though.)
1/14/19: Wrapped up the ratings of LED4-EN and created the spoiler.
1/12/19: LED4-EN's card ratings have begun. As for the status on the revisions I've been doing, I'm on DB1-EN.
12/28/18: Just got into Phase 3 of the changes, which is actually in two parts, the 1st of which is underway now. The 2nd half involves redoing Common and Rare Japanese versions of the cards where the rarities are different.
12/27/18: Almost done with Phase 2 of the changes and if you saw last night's change to YMP1-EN's text card ratings page, don't worry, it's not going to be implemented. I tried it out and thought I liked it but realized it meant going back to the beginning again and I've done that enough times.
Plus, it'd take longer than the changes I've been currently doing and we're already near the end anyway. I'll be returning that page to how it was later today and wrapping up Phase 2 of the changes as well.
12/12/18: Unfortunately, I found a flaw with the tweak I made to the text Card Ratings pages in that it actually took a good deal of work just to identify each card properly on long pages (like the booster sets). I found a quicker way to achieve the same result and have started going back through the ones I did already to implement it.
I've done nearly half the text pages of Anime Card Ratings so far along with the first regular card ratings text pages before it. It shouldn't take as much time to catch back up or finish things up because now I'm not doing that messy thing with the cells in the table anymore. Here's one page with the new tweak.
12/8/18: The update that started on DREV-EN's text card ratings page has begun applying to all text card ratings pages and I did some yesterday too. I'm currently on the Anime Card Ratings Text pages, though of course they're in numerical order (1, 10, 11 then 2, 20, 21, etc) so don't expect to find them in the same order as you would a number line.
12/3/18: Made a tweak to DREV-EN's text card ratings page to indicate each rated card's property so that you can find cards more easily (as their text is all one color). Plus it also helps if you want to count the number of cards with a specific property (like Synchro). I also figured I'd do this since it's the only page that doesn't have a way to identify the cards apart from the text. As a result, the text card ratings pages are on hold for their own little project in the future.
12/1/18:  One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that I modified the Pendulum Monster card info in the spoiler and text card ratings pages to remove the boldface that was used to highlight the start of the Pendulum Text and Monster Text effects and made them underlined and a few points bigger in size.

 Plus, now the text goes below them, allowing the text to be seen normally instead of having the text wrapped around them. They also serve to separate the main card info (with the Level, ATK, DEF, etc) from the effects and each other. This does mean that there will be more line breaks and thus no scenarios whereby the two effects are right next to each other but that's probably a good thing in the end.
You can see these changes on all booster sets from A to C but only on the text and card spoiler pages.
11/29/18: Seeing as how I'm at the point where the Yu-Gi-Oh card template I use needs to be tweaked but has to wait until my other site finishes with its own booster set of cards with the current template, I've been trying out an updated Episode Comparisons template and have opted to apply it to all current Episode Comparisons pages.

You can see it on the first two episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. The new design makes things a bit shorter as a whole, though the episode summary text is a larger size and of course it has the font color changes that are still being applied.

That being said, this update takes longer to do so I'll simply do the non-image based Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings, spoiler and DJCR pages to finish them during the time it takes for the remaining cards from the other site's booster set to be competed.
11/28/18: I'm now on the text pages for Anime Card Ratings and already more than halfway through that so I'll be back to booster sets pretty soon, perhaps even sometime today.
11/23/18: Tweaked my Anime Card templates to darken the card borders of Normal Monsters, Trap Cards and Synchro Monsters, then went back to the beginning of Anime Card Ratings to update Trap and Normal Monster Templates with this tweak (though you won't see the updated Synchro Monster design for a bit). I also opted to update the other Monster Cards where the Level was off-center to at least be consistant with the rest. Once I catch up with all this, I'll continue with where I left off with the ones that haven't had any updates since the page was originally created.
11/19/18: Completed HISU-EN's card spoiler today and rated all remaining new HISU-EN cards on Unrated Cards Page 53.
11/18/18: Partway through yesterday's parade of anime card revisions, I realized I should have a seperate template just for them so I can easily pull it out when needed and don't have to affect the main card template. While this meant I had to redo the ones that were previously redone (and still have to redo plenty of others), I've found that the revised template cuts the time to do a page of anime cards roughly in half. You can see the new template, at least in part on the 1st Anime Card Ratings page. This also makes it much less likely to get the cards confused with actual card releases and makes it a more obvious hybrid of the Japan and Dub animes' card designs.
11/16/18: Got bored last night and opted to at least start the changes for the BattleBots Fight Coverage page, which now has a nifty little table to contain all the info. It'll probably make the big table longer as a whole but it'll be much neater. I haven't necessarily finalized the colors used for the left column just yet, though. As per usual, I've rated 10 more HISU-EN cards on Unrated Cards Page 52.
11/15/18: Taking a break from redoing the anime cards to rate HISU-EN on Unrated Cards Page 52 (and 53 in the future).
11/14/18: The updates have moved to the Anime Card Ratings pages, though they won't necessarily be done in sequential order.
11/12/18: Though I previously opted not to make the main "header" for each of the rated card (the one with the card's set ID) dark blue, I've added it anyway and will add it to the others as it not only helps further separate each card but also better contains each card's info. ABPF-EN is nearly done with these changes and now nothing is boldfaced on the page.
11/11/18: Now I'm at the "meat" of Phase 2 where the Common and Rare cards' images have to be redone, including the Japanese ones but those will be done when I reach the DJCR for that product, if it has one. Consequently, this means it'll take longer to get them done as there's so many to do but hopefully once I get to the images that use the proper typefaces it'll go quicker. Japanese ones should be okay, though. I've also changed the first 4 Typo'd Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages to swap the boldface text for underlined text so it's easier on the eyes and still highlights the error(s). They also have the corrected title at the top of the browser page and around half the six pages have the corrected card images.
11/10/18: Phase 1 of the revisions finished up yesterday and Phase 2 is now underway, meaning revisions of Common and Rare cards to lower the brightness of the artwork and text boxes and changing font colors of pages to lower the brightness as a whole. You can already see the changes on the My Yu-Gi-Oh Cards main page, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Siren Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Weather Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and Robotic Combat Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages. As with Phase 1, Phase 2's updates will also continue in the afternoon, though I'm skipping over certain sections as they'll be done later.
11/7/18: Sped up the process of changing the page backgrounds by using Microsoft Expression Web's Find and Replace feature and thus have gotten most pages done. I've tried to do the same for the text but it seems more difficult due to most pages having two tables and thus two different table styles.
11/6/18: Rated the 4th ARC-V Manga promo as it has been released in English today along with more revisions to pages' tables.
11/5/18: Used ORCS-EN's 1st page as a dry run for what will become of the changes to later pages. I think you'll find the colors much easier on the eyes as a whole, though the Common and Rare card images will be updated in phase 2 of these revisions.
11/3/18: Rated Shooting Riser Dragon, the other Shonen Jump Promo I'd forgotten came out (and that's easy to do when there's no release date available except on one website) on Promo Cards Page 15 and put up Structure Deck: Zombie Hoarde's spoiler, which includes the new font color for Spell Cards.
11/2/18: Rated Summon Sorceress, which I forgot to rate along with all new cards from SR07-EN on the 14th Promo Cards and 51st Unrated Cards pages respectively. I've implemented finalized versions of the Pendulum Monster and Link Monster tables (though the Link Monster table isn't really a table, more of a cell). I will make sure these changes are applied where they are needed and it should be much easier to not only get the info you need but also read everything else around them.
11/1/18: Doubling up on the aforementioned afternoon updates by doing them on mornings where I don't have another product's cards to rate/spoiler to do. This should speed things up and allow you to see more changes done.
10/31/18: Found a flaw in my original attempt to compromise with the Link Monster mini table in that it was still causing issues. Now I've found a solution that works similarly to the Link Monster mini table and you'll see that with today's updates as I've finished up SOFU-EN's visual and text spoilers.
10/30/18: I've completed SOFU-JP's DJCR pages today and they have the new aforementioned changes but I've fixed the spacing issue by splitting the cell where the card image sits into 4 cells and then merged the ones at the top. Now there's plenty of space for the card's info and it will be less likely for a spacing issue to occur but I'll do it where necessary.
10/29/18: Partway through the standard updates mentioned below, I realized how I could fix the borders around tables to make them even and get rid of the colored inner borders for certain cells in that table. I also realized I had to make a compromise for Link and Pendulum Monsters' little mini tables and have applied this to SOFU-EN's text card ratings page. Now the table for both types of monsters is underneath the divider with the card's set ID.

I will also be adding extra spacing for cards whose info is kind of sandwitched between the cell above and below it to give it more space for easier reading. Link Monsters have no major changes apart from the Link Arrows now directly reflecting how they are positioned on the cards themselves. This leaves a blank cell in the middle that I'm going to leave alone. This should also make it easier when my card ratings updates have one of those card types up next.

Fixing the tables' borders will take a LONG time but I'll try to get them done as soon as possible. Even in just roughly 3 hours, I was able to get a fair bit done with the Anime Card Ratings pages and a few of the regular Card Ratings pages last night. I even did work on the homepage, which also now has a narrower table for smaller computers. There's also been an update to October 2018's Yu-Gi-Oh news page to change the font and cell colors for easier reading. It was looking still too bright against the background.
10/27/18: The aforementioned updates have been applied to all Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings pages (unless I missed some) so last night also began fixing the Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Comparisons pages to make the summary text bigger and in some cases actually give the page a background as it was making the page white and thus hard to read. Currently Seasons 1 and 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds are done. Expect the rest of the Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Summaries pages to be done soon, perhaps even today.
10/22/18: Yet another update has been applied to the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings pages (currently, the Anime Card Ratings pages are almost done, including the text versions) last night in that now the rating is done with numbers instead of asterisks, which I felt were somewhat vague and small.
This meant that the 5-star rating had to be one color and I went with a kind-of sky blue. the 3 and 4-star ratings are also a bit darker to make them easier on the eyes. I've also basically moved the explanation of what the ratings are out of to the top and now it just says "Rating:" instead of "Rating out of 5 stars:" for that first row underneath the card image. This also makes that row take up less space on the Text Card Ratings pages. Plus, it makes more sense since the asterisks didn't really look like stars in that regard anyway.
These changes were also applied to
SOFU-EN's two pages. One thing I've noticed is that now it's much easier to see the rating as the number is bigger but also I can just type the rating into the table cell and then change the color. It's actually much easier this way and I hope this proves to be easier for you all as well. Expect these changes to be applied on all other pages with card ratings
10/20/18: SOFU-EN's card ratings are now underway.
10/19/18: Today was supposed to be the start of card ratings for SOFU-EN but it slipped my mind so I've done EEN-EN, DP1-EN and DP2-EN's visual card spoilers and more
Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards.
10/18/18: TLM-EN and CRV-EN's visual card spoilers are up along with new Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards.
10/17/18: The visual spoilers for RDS-EN and FET-EN are done, along with more Ridiculed
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
10/16/18: AST and SOD-ENs' visual spoilers are done.
10/15/18: I've finished IOC's Visual Spoiler and added more Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh cards today.
10/14/18: Last night, I opted to add a few more Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards to its page as I've had fun doing them, more so than the other funny cards I'd done previously. Thus, I think I'll be doing a few each afternoon. Today's update included more of those cards and the final LEHD spoiler.
10/13/18: Since just adding the next LEHD-EN spoiler doesn't take long at all (given I get all the info the day before), I opted to add two new pages today, one for a main Funny Yu-Gi-Oh Cards page where all the cards I've made with humor are linked and a special new page called Ridiculed Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, which is for cards that I felt were overhyped and thus deserve ridicule. The current Funny Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages have been renamed Typo'd Yu-Gi-Oh Cards to reflect how they actually are (though the other changes that need to be done to reflect this will be done later).
10/12/18: I did yet another slight tweak to this page (and probably the last one as the text is now the right brightness). Today's update also included rating the new cards from LEHD-EN, which are up on Unrated Card Ratings Page 51 and putting up the spoiler for that product.
10/11/18: Another slight tweak to fix the right side of the table to dim the text on the page. Felt it was too bright compared to the other column. I've done DCR-EN's Visual Card Spoiler today.
10/10/18: Last night, I wrapped up all the updates that had been taking place, including adding the 2nd menus and the other aforementioned tweaks to the Spoiler and Text Card Ratings pages. Thus, today begins new pages, starting with the Visual Card Spoilers and MFC-EN was done today. These will also be linked on the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page.
10/9/18: Opting not to note the changes anymore as I'm sure you've gotten the point and can just follow along on the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page. Also a tiny update to this page to make it easier on the eyes.
10/8/18: Finished the updates for JOTL-EN, SHSP-EN, LVAL-EN, DRLG-EN, PRIO-EN, DUEA-EN and NECH-EN.
10/7/18: The updates are done for HA06-EN,
10/6/18: There's been a slight tweak to the updates done in the afternoon, notably with the Text Card Ratings pages. Now the divider that has the card's set # is in dark blue to better separate it from the card above it. I find it's MUCH better than how it was before, though it has meant the afternoon updates have gone back to the ones already done to implement this fix.
As for today, I've applied the update here as well along with the 2nd link menus to
10/5/18: I've applied the updates to DREV-EN,
STBL-EN, HA03-EN, YMP1-EN, STOR-EN, HA04-EN and EXVC-EN. Plus, last night you may have seen the disappearance of the original Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Comparisons on the main page. Well, I'm moving them to their own pages where they'll have episode titles and synopses included with the link to the comparison itself.
Movies will be compiled to their own page since each movie only has about 4 links and will be helpful if you want to see them all in one place.
The original Yu-Gi-Oh series has its 5 seasons' pages ready and started (except for Season 1, which is done apart from the titles and synopses) and I plan to do the others.
This should not only reduce the size the main page but will give you a better view of the options you have as there's now a little navgation bar to take its place. I've also done minor updates to other pages
new and old.
10/4/18: Updates for SOVR-EN, HA01-EN, ABPF-EN, TSHD-EN and HA02-EN have been completed.
10/3/18: The updates have been applied to TAEV-EN, CP04-EN, GLAS-EN, SDRL-EN, PP01-EN and ANPR-EN.
10/2/18:  I'm back to what I'd been doing previously, though I've incorporated the changes I've been doing in the afternoon into the morning updates like today to add in the rated spoiler and text pages to make the left columns' text bigger. I've done CSOC-EN, DLG1-EN, CRMS-EN, RGBT-EN, YSDJ-EN and
YSDS-EN, though not all the text and rated spoiler pages were done as the idea came up partway through.
10/1/18: Today's update wrapped-up the ratings for LED3-EN's new cards and created the product's spoiler, which also features an update similar to what I've been doing lately in the afternoons (the left column is bigger and centered properly now). I'll be going back to the other spoiler pages to add this in too. 
9/29/18: Ratings for LED3-EN's new cards are underway. You'll also notice I've applied one of the recent updates I've been doing in the afternoon to that same page and its text version, notably to the two Link Monsters included. There's also an additional tweak to text pages whereby the column to the left of the card's info, rating and comments now has bigger text. Speaking of the Unrated Cards pages, they will NOT be getting the extra menu as there's more than one product being rated on that page usually. I could put it on the pages where only one product is being rated but I've opted not to for the sake of consistancy.
9/28/18: I've done LODT-EN, PTDN-EN, CP05-EN, CP06-EN, PP02-EN, 5DS1-EN, TDGS-EN, CP07-EN and SDZW-EN. Also, last night saw a tweak to the updates I'd been doing in the afternoons regarding Link and Pendulum Monsters. Now it tells you what the numbers (or words in the case of Link Monsters) mean.

 I felt it was kinda mean spirited of me to just give you the info and assume you knew what it meant or "just had to look it up" if you didn't. The original info always had it right there too so that was another factor for why I did this change. The text card ratings pages for sets that have Link Monsters have the Link Arrows bit in orange as well as which Link Arrows that correspond to the Link Monster itself.

You can find the updated changes on
EXFO-EN and I will be going back to ones already done to update them. The future ones will follow this updated version too.
9/27/18: The changes are complete for FOTB-EN, STON-EN, CP03-EN, DP05-EN, DP06-EN, DP07-EN, GLD1-EN and SDDE-EN.
9/26/18: DB2-EN, SD09-EN, CDIP-EN, CP01-EN, SD10-EN and DP03-EN all now have the changes.
9/25/18: The changes have been applied to YSD-EN, TP8-EN, SD7-EN, SD1-EN, SD8-EN and DB1-EN.
9/24/18: I've applied the changes to SD2-EN, SD3-EN, SD4-EN, SD5-EN and SD6-EN (SD1-EN was rated later on as I'd forgotten to do it before the others).
9/23/18: The changes have been applied to EEN-EN (which I had accidentally skipped over),
SOI-EN, EOJ-EN and almost all of the Tournament Packs (I'm doing them in order of when I added them, thus TP7-EN is done too.)
9/22/18: I've applied the changes to RDS-EN, FET-EN, TLM-EN, CRV-EN, DP1-EN and DP2-EN. Last night, you may have noticed some changes to various booster sets' pages like CIBR-EN, BOSH-EN and COTD-EN. This was to move some of the other info up a bit to reduce clutter for the cards' info. This also makes it easier for you to find Link and Pendulum Monsters as they stick out more than regular cards. I plan to do this for all sets that include those two Monster Card types. I've opted not to include this change on the rated spoiler pages because those already make it easy to identify those two monsters. Plus the Pendulum Scale numbers are colored and will probably blend in with the other colors. 
9/21/18: The changes applied to CBLZ-EN have been applied to all Magician's Force, Dark Crisis, Invasion of Chaos and Ancient Sanctuary pages.
9/20/18: HA07-EN's updates are done and that was the last of the products that needed this treatment.
9/19/18: HA07-EN's updates are underway (and you may have noticed that the number of cards per page has changed. Don't worry, they're all there. All I did was make the amount per page a bit more even.
9/18/18: HA06-EN's updates have concluded as of today.
9/17/18: HA06-EN's updates have begun with the 1st half completed today.
9/16/18: Finished REDU-EN's updates to the foil cards and all Spell and Trap Cards.
9/15/18: REDU-EN's updates have completed for the first three pages.
9/14/18: CBLZ-EN's updates are done as of today.
9/13/18: CBLZ-EN's updates to cards are underway (though page 1 was fine so I did page 2 and page 3 today). I've also tweaked the bonus "menu" that I brought up yesterday to leave space for links to the DJCR and text pages for when I go back and make the visual spoilers. This also makes it a bit more even and easier to spot with the original menu at the top.
9/12/18: ABYR-EN's 5 pages are now fixed (and I had to go back to the 3rd page to fix the Spell Cards that I'd previously overlooked). There's also a minor change to CBLZ-EN's 1st page that you may have noticed. I've opted to have a bonus set of links underneath the ratings in that table above the one with the rated cards. They feature links to the spoiler (which was previously the set name itself that's betwen the two tables, the visual spoiler (all the card images and info without the ratings) and of course the text version of the card ratings. Look for this to be on all previous and future booster set card ratings pages. The visual spoiler will only be for products where all cards from that product have been rated (ie booster sets and Structure Decks). Unrated Cards will NOT have this treatment even if the cards have all been rated as they weren't all rated from one product.
9/11/18: I've gone back to the first three pages of ABYR-EN's cards to fix the foil cards so that they're consistant with the current way of making them (minus the extra foil over the Level and Attribute).
9/10/18: All remaining Promo Cards pages and their text versions have this modification.
9/9/18: Promo Cards pages 5 to 10 and their text versions are done. I've also corrected White Aura Whale and White Aura Dolphin on Unrated Cards Page 36 and the text version as they were erroneously called White Aurora Dolphin and White Aurora Whale.
9/8/18: All Unrated Cards pages, text and regular, now have the new treatment with the dividers. I've also done the first 4 regular and text Promo Cards' pages, some of which also include fixes to errors regarding set IDs and/or product names.
9/5/18: Finished off the updates from the past few days and have now gone back to the Unrated Cards to go through the text pages and give them the updated dividers the regular pages have.
9/4/18: Opted to double up on the number of pages that get this update as they're pretty quick, though today I added two more due to pages in the group that had just one product for that whole page. Thus, today's update includes page 28 to page 38 of Unrated Cards.
9/3/18: The updates have been done from page 23 to page 27 of Unrated Cards.
9/2/18: I'm back to regular updates as of today. The party was alright. At least there was food I would eat (though I'd gotten a ventti frappaccino at Starbucks just for the trip so I wasn't as hungry as I could've been after 2 hours on the road). Played a game with some of those that were there, too. Today's update has finished up page 19 to page 22 of Unrated Cards.
8/31/18: All promo cards from this year's Mega Tins have been rated on page 14 and page 15 of Promo Cards. This will be the last update for my trip to Maryland with my parents to my brother-in-law's parents' house for his birthday celebration. The event itself is probably only a couple of hours but the trip to and from the event is about 2 hours, depending on traffic.
8/30/18: The aforementioned updates have been applied to page 13 to page 18 of Unrated Cards.
8/29/18: Figured I'd go back to the Unrated Cards pages and start the process of finishing them up (ie changing the dividers to reflect the approximate colors of the product's logo). I've done this starting with page 6 and went up to page 12.
8/28/18: Promo Cards revsions have wrapped up today with page 10 and page 11 being the last pages to have the changes.
8/27/18: Roughly half of Promo Cards Page 10's cards have been revised (though not all cards on the page need the treatment). Also fixed errors on previous entries below that were labeled as Unrated Cards updates when they were Promo Cards updates.
8/26/18: Page 9's revisions are complete for all cards as of today.
8/25/18: Updated the remaining cards page 8 and some cards on page 9 of Promo Cards.
8/24/18: Seems there was a glitch somewhere that prevented me from publishing the changes from the past few days. Well that somehow fixed itself last night so things should be fine now. Today's update revised Malefic Truth Dragon on page 7 and half the cards on page 8 of Promo Cards.
8/23/18: I've seemingly wrapped up the Unrated Card Ratings fixes with 10 and 11 being the last pages.
8/22/18: Unrated Cards page 9 and page 10 now have updates to many of the cards.
8/21/18: Page 7 and page 8 of Unrated Cards also has cards updated, mostly to fix the slight issue where the square at the bottom-right is partially underneath the box for the card's text. Plus, I believe the template was smaller than it is now.
8/20/18: Finished revising the cards on page 6 of Unrated Cards. The ones that don't have the fonts I now use for my card mock-ups will possibly still be hard to read, notably with the name but that's what I used at the time. At least it should be closer to how I currently do them.
8/19/18: SHVA-EN's newest cards were all rated as of yesterday so today I've done the spoiler.
8/17/18: SHVA-EN's cards are being rated starting today on the 48th and 49th Unrated Cards pages. (along with an unintended update to the 1st 6 Unrated Cards pages to change the divider to match (or closely match) the colors found on the actual product's box/pack as I'd completely forgotten what I was actually starting today.
8/16/18: Today begins updated the Unrated Cards pages to fix how the cards look for consistancy as some of the cards are in need of an update. I've gone back to the 1st 6 Unrated Cards pages and re-done some of the cards here and there, though page 6 has the most.
8/15/18: Finished up the updates started yesterday on the Unrated Card Ratings main page.
8/14/18: I've gone back to the Unrated Card Ratings main page to fix any incorrect info that doesn't match the changes that were made on their respective pages, starting with the first 24 pages.
8/13/18: All remaining SDPL-EN cards are rated on Unrated Cards Page 48 and the spoiler is up too.
8/12/18: I've begun rating Structure Deck: Powercode Link's new cards as I'd forgotten to do that earlier when the product was released. They're on page 48 of Unrated Cards.
8/11/18: Wrapped up the 2nd half of the Unrated Cards text pages (which ended up leaving page 48 without any rated cards).
8/10/18: You should now be seeing the Unrated Cards pages and their text pages with the same content as I've done the 1st half of the text versions of the pages done yesterday, starting with page 5.
8/9/18: The last of the Unrated Card Ratings pages are done, at least the ones with card images. Now they should all have 20 cards each, except for page 48.
8/8/18: It's back to the edits I'd been doing previously and I've had to go back to the Unrated Cards pages starting with page 5 to add 1 rated card to it from the next page.
8/7/18: CYHO-JP's DJCR and text pages are up.
8/6/18: Added CYHO-EN's card spoiler today.
8/5/18: Cybernetic Horizon's card ratings wrapped up today.
8/4/18: Just chiming in to report the change you may have seen last night, or will certainly likely see today or soon. Felt this page could use a similar update to the news pages.
7/27/18: CYHO-EN's card ratings are now underway.
7/26/18: The main Promo Cards page now has the full table completed and the 12th Promo Cards page has a promo card rated that I didn't rate back when it was released. This meant that the other two pages moved a card over to the next page.
7/25/18: Repeated the updates below from Promo Cards Page 6 text version to the current one.
7/24/18: Did some extra updates yesterday to the Unrated Card Ratings page to get things ready for today's update, which simply filled in the rest of the missing info and took out what was recently moved to the Promo Cards Page 6 and Promo Cards Page 7 (the 2010 World Championship Prize Cards (2010-EN) and the Legendary Collection 2 cards (LC02-EN) respectively as they were more promo cards than part of a whole product's worth of cards).
7/23/18: Some pretty big changes took place on the Unrated Card Ratings main page today, notably to make it much clearer what products are featured on each page and have links to their spoilers. There's two that I feel shouldn't be there, the 2010 World Championship prize cards and the Legendary Collection 2 promo cards. They will be moved to the Promo Cards pages at a later time. For now, I've done half of the page changes needed for the Unrated Card Ratings main page.
7/22/18: EXFO-JP's DJCR and text pages are up with several cards that had been previously skipped due to my initial method of making the DJCR pages. Since I changed that to the one I have now, they've been included. You'll find them linked on the various EXFO-EN Card Ratings pages as well as the two pages linked above.
7/21/18: CIBR-JP's DJCR and text pages are posted.  
7/20/18: CIBR-JP's individual DJCR pages are now complete and this should be the last time I ever have to do this sort of update.
7/19/18: CIBR-JP's DJCR individual pages are now underway.
7/18/18: COTD-JP's DJCR and text pages are now up.
7/17/18: Wrapped up COTD-JP's individual DJCR pages today.
7/16/18: COTD-JP's individual DJCR pages are underway.
7/15/18: MACR-JP's DJCR and text pages are up which includes a card that was accidentally left out, Zefraath, which is Ultra Rare in Japan. It's also linked on MACR-EN Page 2.
7/14/18: YS18-EN's spoiler was created and linked today.
7/13/18: YS18-EN's new cards were rated today.
7/12/18: Wrapped up MACR-JP's individual DJCR pages today.
7/11/18: MACR-JP's individual DJCR pages began today.
7/10/18: Added RATE-JP's DJCR and text pages today. Also added a review of on the Good Yu-Gi-Oh Websites pages.
7/9/18: Finished RATE-JP's individual DJCR pages today and you may have found the bonus updates I did last night to kill time with the addition of the Bad Yu-Gi-Oh Websites and Good Yu-Gi-Oh Websites review pages, which both have text pages.
7/8/18: RATE-JP's DJCR individual pages are underway.
7/7/18: INOV-JP's DJCR and text pages were complated today.
7/6/18: Finished INOV-JP's DJCR individual pages today. I've also gotten all the other individual DJCR pages from the other sets up-to-date with the new format.
7/5/18: Started the single pages for INOV-JP's DJCR today and you may have noticed that many pages have a new navigation table at the top. This is meant to include the same notice included on the main DJCR pages, though the links were broken and I've gotten them to work with INOV-JP's DJCR pages so I'm going to fix them for the others, then finish that little project up.
7/4/18: Happy Independence Day! I'm back to doing the DJCR pages starting with TDIL-JP's DJCR and text pages.
7/3/18: BLRR-EN's card ratings wrapped up yesterday so today took care of rating a Promo Card that was released six years ago that I never rated before, probably because I simply forgot about it (and may not have gotten the book with the promo card inside) and did the BLRR-EN card spoiler.
6/29/18: Today begins the rating of BLRR-EN's new cards, which took place on page 45 and page 46 of Unrated Cards.
6/28/18: Finished TDIL-EN's DJCR individual pages today.
6/27/18: It seems I'd forgotten to make the last few booster sets' worth of DJCR individual pages and thus have started to go back to those starting with TDIL-EN, whose 1st two pages were done today. Also removed the background from this page as it's kinda broken up with the table on top of it. May do something else with it later.
6/26/18: Added SHVI-JP's DJCR and text pages today.
6/25/18: You can now view BOSH-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/24/18: DOCS-JP's DJCR and text pages are now up.
6/23/18: Today's update included CORE-JP's DJCR and text pages and fixing a minor typo with NECH-JP032 Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing on its pages (had a colon instead of a comma).
6/22/18: Put up CROS-JP's DJCR and text pages today, minus Ritual Beast Ulti-Gaiapelio, which I found had the same lowest rarity as the TCG version and thus wasn't needed.
6/21/18: Added SECE-JP's DJCR and text pages today.
6/20/18: NECH-JP's DJCR and text pages are linked and posted.
6/19/18: Posted DUEA-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/18/18: PRIO-JP's DJCR and text pages have been posted.
6/17/18: Added LVAL-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/16/18: You can now find SHSP-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/15/18: JOTL-JP's DJCR and text pages are up now.
6/14/18: Added LTGY-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/13/18: CBLZ-JP's DJCR and text pages are up.
6/12/18:   Posted ABYR-JP's DJCR and text pages and added an explanation for what DJCR stands for on the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page, just in case you forget. 
6/11/18: Fixed a typo in the mock translation of PHSW-JP's Shard of Greed and added REDU-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/10/18: GAOV-JP's DJCR and text pages are posted.
6/9/18: Added ORCS-JP's DJCR and text pages today.
6/8/18: Put up PHSW-JP's DJCR and text pages today, which included fixing a typo in the URL for Shard of Greed's page that otherwise prevented me from including it on the DJCR page.
6/7/18: You can new view GENF-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/6/18: EXVC-JP's DJCR and text pages are now up on the site.
6/5/18: STOR-JP's DJCR and text pages are up.
6/4/18: Added STBL-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/3/18: DREV-JP's DJCR and text pages are now up.
6/2/18: Put up TSHD-JP's DJCR and text pages.
6/1/18: Added ABPF-JP's DCJR and text pages today.
5/31/18: SOVR-JP's DJCR and text pages are up.
5/30/18: Back to the DJCR stuff for about a month, starting with ANPR-JP's DJCR and text pages.
5/29/18: Created DASA-EN's card spoiler today.
5/28/18: Wrapped up rating the new DASA-EN cards on Unrated Cards Page 45 and its text page today. Plus, I've changed the "header" if you will that highlights where each batch of unrated cards is from to coincide with the recent changes to the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page. Look for the previous pages to get this treatment as well.
5/25/18: Taking a break from the DJCR stuff to rate the new cards from DASA-EN on Unrated Cards page 43 and page 44.
5/24/18: Today's update added GLAS-JP's DJCR and text pages (with the addition of Elemental HERO Chaos Neos).
5/23/18: Put up TAEV-JP's DJCR and text pages, though I've realized Rainbow Dragon is missing (as its lowest rarity differs from ours) and will have that up sometime today.
5/22/18: RGBT-JP's DJCR and text pages are up.
5/21/18: I've put up CRMS-JP's DJCR and text pages today. There was also an error fixed with CSOC's DJCR and text pages in that they were the wrong set code for the URL and on the pages themselves. That was fixed yesterday.
5/20/18: You can check out CSOC-JP's DJCR and text pages today.
5/19/18: TDGS-JP's DJCR and text pages are up now.There was also a fix last night on LODT-JP's pages linked below and the TCG version of the set to add in Honest as I didn't account that its rarity was different than the TCG's.
5/18/18: Added LODT-JP's DJCR and text pages.
5/17/18: PTDN-JP's DJCR and text pages were done today.
5/16/18: Completed the text version of FLOD-JP's DJCR today and all future versions of this will have the spoiler be done on the same day as the image versions.
5/15/18: FLOD's DJCR pages are up today (these are pages featuring all the cards from the Flames of Destruction booster set that differ from the TCG).
5/14/18: Put up FLOD-EN's card spoiler today.
5/8/18: You probably noticed the changes to the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page beginning to take place yesterday. Well they wrapped up last night and I have to say it looks much better. The text is bigger, it's still roughly in the same format as the original table and it should be easier on the eyes, not to mention it's color-coded like the Booster Packs themselves. Plus, the pack "logo" isn't the 1st page anymore. It now serves as the divider between product rating "blocks" if you will.
5/4/18: FLOD-EN's card ratings have begun and that includes its DJCR (though only one so far). You'll also notice that there's now an addition to many of the "blocks" for each Booster Set that will eventually include a link to that set's DJCR (cards whose rarities differed from the TCG version and were included in both sets).
5/2/18: Started SHVI-EN's DJCR today thanks to the conclusion of BOSH-EN's DJCR taking place yesterday.
4/30/18: Started BOSH-EN's DJCR today as DOCS-EN's DJCR finished yesterday.
4/28/18: DOCS-EN's DJCR has begun as yesterday concluded CORE-EN's DJCR.
4/26/18: Finished up CROS-EN's DJCR yesterday and thus started CORE-EN's DJCR today.
4/23/18: Taking a bit of a break these next two days to note the release of SR06-EN, starting with rating the 6 new cards from the set, which took place today on Unrated Cards Page 43 and its text page. Expect the spoiler up and linked to those two pages tomorrow.
4/22/18: With the conclusion of SECE-EN's DJCR taking place yesterday, I started CROS-EN's DJCR today, which includes a tweak to the comments for card #40.
4/20/18: SECE-EN's DJCR began today with the completion of NECH-EN taking place yesterday.
4/18/18: Started NECH-EN's DJCR today as DUEA-EN's DJCR wrapped up yesterday.
4/16/18: DUEA-EN's DJCR started today with the conclusion of PRIO-EN's DJCR taking place yesterday.
4/14/18: PRIO-EN's DJCR has begun today as LVAL-EN's DJCR finished yesterday.
4/12/18: Started LVAL-EN's DJCR now that SHSP-EN's DJCR finished up yesterday.
4/10/18: SHSP-EN's DJCR have begun as JOTL-EN's DJCR finished yesterday.
4/8/18: With LTGY-EN's DJCR completed yesterday, I've started JOTL-EN's DJCR today.
4/6/18: CBLZ-EN's DJCR finished up yesterday so today began LTGY-EN's DJCR.
4/4/18: Started CBLZ-EN's DJCR today as REDU-EN's DJCR were completed yesterday.
4/2/18: ABYR-EN's DJCR has started with the completion of REDU-EN yesterday.
3/31/18: Started REDU-EN's DJCR on its first two pages since GAOV-EN's DJCR was finished yesterday.
3/29/18: Sorry I haven't kept up with these updates. I just forgot to note them in the past few days. Anyway, today started GAOV-EN's DJCR with the end of ORCS-EN's DJCR taking place yesterday.
3/27/18: Finished PHSW-EN's DJCR yesterday so I moved on to ORCS-EN's DJCR today.
3/25/18: Finished GENF-EN's DJCR and started PHSW-EN's DJCR today.
3/23/18: EXVC-EN's different Japan card rarities (DJCR for short since I'm going to use that accronym for future mentions) wrapped up yesterday and today began GENF-EN's DJCR.
3/21/18: Finished STOR-EN's different Japan card rarities yesterday and started EXVC-EN's different Japan card rarities today.
3/19/18: In addition to the start of STOR-EN's different Japan card rarities, I've also changed up how I put up the news in that the links will be put in as they come, not the day after I get them. This makes it easier for me and for you to get the news as news can come and go quickly.
3/17/18: Started STBL-EN's different Japan card rarities today.
3/15/18: Finished up TSHD-EN's different card rarities yesterday and started DREV-EN's different card rarities today.
3/13/18: As you probably saw, I went through SOVR-EN's pages for different Japanese card rarities recently and today began TSHD-EN's different Japan card rarities.
3/9/17: Rated US' 3rd ARC-V Manga promo card (which I saved until now as it'd be a rather tiny update and figured I might as well include it since they're all promo cards) and the 5 promo cards included with Legendary Collection Kaiba on Promo Cards Page 14 since those same 5 cards are also in the Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack and there's no other new cards in that pack, it's back to the different Japan card rarities tomorrow.
3/4/17: GLAS-EN's different Japan card rarities started today with the 1st two pages and the 1st card of the 3rd page. You'll notice I included cards that are also Ultimate Rares in the TCG. I've opted to exclude Ultimate Rares as those are inevitably going to match up with the TCG now and then.
3/2/17: TAEV-EN's different Japan card rarities started today.
2/28/17: CRMS-EN's different Japan card rarities have begun.
2/27/17: RGBT-EN's different Japan card rarities wrapped up today. Tomorrow begins CRMS-EN's different Japan card rarities.
2/26/17: RGBT-EN's first 2 pages have their different Japan card rarities up (only 8 in all surprisingly).
2/25/17: With all new cards from LED2-EN rated, I've created the spoiler today.
2/23/17: Rated the 1st 12 new cards from LED2-EN on its pages. This will continue tomorrow as well on the 43rd page of Unrated Cards.
2/21/17: CSOC-EN's Japanese card rarities are underway.
2/19/17: Started TDGS-EN's Japanese card rarity changes and updated the BattleBots Vex Robotics review page to add my review of the Minotaur kit. In addition, with confirmation that there's prototype Bronco and HyperShock RC toys from HexBug due out (and customizable RC toys) later this year, I've posted that info on the news page along with the news about Season 3 of the TV show. You may also notice a new typeface is used there. It's one used on the show's original run on Comedy Central.
2/18/17: PTDN-EN's Japanese card rarity changes wrapped up today and I corrected the image of Cybernetic Hidden Technology from the English booster set as it was a Normal Trap instead of Continuous.
2/17/17: Realized that doing 4 pages' worth of changed card rarities is rather time consuming (both in gathering the info for the next day and for creating the cards the day of) so I opted to start doing only half the sets' changed card rarities, starting with PTDN-EN, which has the 1st two pages' worth.
2/16/17: LODT-EN's different Japanese card rarities are up and the trend will continue for all products that feature these changes. If you want to keep track, bookmark/whatever you do with your favorite sites these days the Yu-Gi-Oh Card ratings page as the updates will come from those. You can expect the 100 card booster sets (ie 5 pages) to be among the ones to get this "treatment" as will later Structure Decks but not the earlier ones as their rarities are the same.
2/15/17: EXFO-JP's cards with different rarities finished today on page 4 of EXFO-EN. However, I'm changing the plan to include those cards as an addition to rating the 10 cards for that day as they don't really take that long to make so long as I have all the info for the Japanese version of the cards. So there will be 10 rated cards and however many Japanese cards among those 10 that are in a different rarity to the TCG version. Do note that this doesn't only mean fully rated sets. Promo Cards are excluded generally because they're not part of a product. Plus they're all generally the same rarity anyway. Partially rated sets will get this too where applicable. However, making those Japanese cards requires the product to meet the following criteria:
1. Product A in the TCG is named exactly or very similarly with Product A in Japan. So if the same cards are released in a character Duelist Pack, it's fine but if we get those same cards as imports in the TCG, it's excluded.

2. Product A in the TCG and Product A in Japan have the same main cards. If both products have the same 80 cards but the TCG has 20 more, it's fine. It's not about the same total number of cards but the same cards in both products.

3. Cards in Product A for the TCG are not in the same rarity as cards in Product A for Japan. This means that the product does not count unless the Japan products cards are only available in a different rarity that the TCG version isn't. If they include a rarity that matches the TCG version, it doesn't count (unless it's an Ultimate Rare found in a booster pack as those are inevitable).
2/13/17: EXFO-EN's spoiler is up so tomorrow will be the last update to involve it and it includes adding mock-ups of Japanese cards from the set that have different rarities. Figured I might as well re-use the Japanese part of the templates given that I took the time to put them in. Check the updates on 4 of 5 pages for EXFO-EN's ratings (as 19 of the last cards are generally not included in Japanese sets)
2/12/17: I've made it back from the trip and finished up EXFO-EN's card ratings. The spoiler will be completed tomorrow.
2/1/17: EXFO-EN's card ratings have begun. There will be 4 more pages beyond this (though the 5th page will not start until after I return from a trip to Maryland to see Jeff Dunham and visit my sister and brother-in-laws' house (weather permitting of course) for my birthday, which is Sunday. Thus if the trip is still set on February 9th, I may not update before I leave and may not update the day I get back.
1/31/17: The spoiler updates wrapped up today with RATE-EN's spoiler. Tomorrow begins the rating of EXFO-EN.
12/27/17: In addition to the usual spoilers updates, I've put up my thoughts on the BattleBots Rivals RC Minotaur and Beta and VEX Robotics Tombstone kit
12/20/17: As I've found another page that wasn't needed (as it was seemingly just the town of Alton Illinois, which already has a page for one part of it), I removed it and finished up the last of the Scariest Places on Earth pages. Tomorrow begins the process of making the spoilers for the remaining rated cards pages.
12/7/17: You can now learn about the Lizzie Borden murders of 1892 thanks to that page's update. Keep an eye on the Scariest Places page for future updates as that's where the next several days' updates will come from. 
12/6/17: In addition to updating Lake Shawnee's page with info (and thus the Scariest Places on Earth page to add the teaser for the page), I added a logo for the website last night. I'm not yet sure whether I like it enough to keep it.
12/5/17: Hunedoara Castle's page now has info and source links.
12/4/17: Chillingham Castle's page has some info and sources, which I've opted to add in as you'd probably like to verify the info yourself or learn more.
12/3/17: There's now info on Charleville Castle on its page. May add more at another time but these updates are mostly to get something up there.
12/2/17: Updated the following pages today: Robot Wars Toy Reviews, Robot Wars Text Episodes, Robot Wars Tournament Lineup and Bunnyman Bridge
12/1/17: Multiple pages updated from a few 5Ds Season 3 episodes, the index page (last night) and the NJ Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments page. Regarding the Index page, don't worry, it's not a drastic change and still features the iconic Yugi and Slifer image, just not as the page's background, allowing you to see the whole thing.
11/30/17: All the Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx episodes have had the modifications made as of today so tomorrow begins making those modifications to the 5Ds episodes (as the other seasons are good to go).
11/22/17: Next on the list of edits are my Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx episodes, starting with Season 1.
11/20/17: Back to those small edits to Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic episodes pages starting with Season 6.
11/19/17: SPWA-EN's wrapped up today and I not only made that set's spoiler but I also rated the next YCSW-EN card that I forgot to rate back before ARC-V Manga Volume 2's promo card released in English.
11/16/17: Started the ratings of SPWA-EN on Unrated Cards Page 40 and its text version. This will continue for the next few days and on subsequent pages so keep an eye out for the pages linked to the two above.
11/8/17: Dunno if you noticed but now the Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx News link on the index page links to an archived news page. This'll finally allows you to access the news from the past you couldn't access previously without knowing the URL as well as any future news. I got this done last night.
11/6/17: Last night, I got bored and decided to update the Scariest Places on Earth page to add not only an about page for the show but to re-add the missing pages that became broken years ago when the pages became lost due to my own accord. I'll fill in the info for those location pages later.
11/4/17: As you may have noticed, I've not only increased the font size for the news entries but also brought back adding links to pages, which I think is helpful to me and to all of you that want to view the page(s) that were updated. The font size is probably a bit large but it was rather small when I viewed it on the actual site and figured you'd feel the same way.
11/3/17: With SDCL-EN rated and (as of today) with a completed spoiler, I'll be going back to misprint cards to finish those up, then continue down the line of old pages until Spirit Warriors is released on November 16th.
Halloween:  Linkuriboh has been rated on the 13th promo cards page and there's 4 new Misprinted Yu-Gi-Oh cards on its two pages as well. I'll continue the misprinted cards tomorrow before Structure Deck: Cyberse Link is released.
10/30/17: CIBR-EN's spoiler was completed today and linked to its proper pages. I'll have Linkuriboh rated and will be going back to other old pages to update them until the release of Structure Deck: Cyberse Link in a few days.
10/19/17: Today's update began putting up my own misprinted Yu-Gi-Oh cards based on real ones to fill in the empty space and there's a text page for it too. With CIBR-EN coming out tomorrow in the US, I'll be focusing on that for the next 11 days.
10/18/17: Updated the Astronomy, Scariest Places on Earth, two of the latter's linked pages and the Duel to Survive page. Now they don't have a background taken from someone else (that was also repeating itself on my screen thanks to the larger screen I have now vs back then). Plus in regards to the Scariest Places on Earth pages, they have a more appropriate typeface for the theme of the show.
10/14/17: Today's update went to the first Gx Episode Errors page to give it the treatment the Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Errors pages already have, upding the format to actually make it viewable on smaller computer screens and other various fixes. I'll add the rest of the time stamps for the episode errors on that page tomorrow
10/13/17: The Anime Card Ratings have wrapped up (as I have no plans to review Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V due to how cringe-worthy Yuya Sakaki's way of Dueling is, plus the series isn't done yet) so today I finished out the Anime Cards Ratings page, which has all the page numbers and descriptions now whereas before it was missing descriptions. I'll be going back to older pages to fix them where necessary until CIBR-EN comes out.
10/7/17: LEDD-EN's newest cards were rated yesterday with more anime cards and today was the posting of that Deck's spoiler. Tomorrow and Sunday will be the adding of the spoilers for the other 2 Decks respectively.
9/10/17: All LEDU-EN cards have been rated as of today and the spoiler is up too and linked to respective pages. It's back to rating Anime Cards for a while until the release of Legendary Dragon Decks.
9/8/17: The Legendary Duelists booster pack is out in North America now so I've begun rating the newest cards from it on the 38th Unrated Cards page.
9/1/17: Forgot about Proxy Dragon from this year's Mega Tins so I updated that card last night. The usual update with rating Anime Cards was done today. 
8/31/17: Decided to update the template for foil Link Monsters as I felt it was too close to Common/Rare Link Monsters and could be confused. Now it shouldn't be an issue.
8/25/17: The promo cards from this year's Mega Tins have been rated. Tomorrow, it's back to anime cards until the release of Legendary Duelists and the 2nd ARC-V Manga promo.
8/21/17: Updated the Astronomy News page in addition to the regular update just in case some aren't aware of the total solar eclipse happening today.
8/14/17: COTD-EN has been rated so the spoiler for it is up and linked on its respective pages and the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page. Tomorrow, I'll be rating OP05-EN's new cards and putting up the spoiler.
8/4/17: Code of the Duelist has arrived in North America so the ratings for that set have begun and will continue for 10 days before the spoiler is made. I've also recently changed the color used for Link Monsters in YS17-EN's spoiler. There may be changes to the template for Link Monsters too in the future.
7/22/17: YS17-EN's spoiler is up (though I'm not entirely sure whether or not I'm keeping the color used to highlight Link Monsters).
7/21/17: Starter Deck: Link Strike's newest cards are up but I'm deviating a bit from the changes Konami made with their card info in that the card info on the right will not say "X-Type Normal" but this change will be reflected on the card image.
7/13/17: Nothing major to update today but decided to add news of BattleBots' airing on Science Channel for those that have it (like me) on the Battlebots News page and I note that it's airing from Season 1 of the ABC reboot of the show not a new season or the Comedy Central era.
7/7/17: Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge's newest cards are being rated starting today.
6/23/17: With the Pendulum Evolution booster pack now available for purchase, it's 10 new cards have been rated on its respective pages with the spoiler to be done tomorrow.
6/4/17: You may have noticed I put up Magician's Force's spoiler up recently. Mostly did that because I was bored and you may see more updates like that after the main one from time to time.
5/30/17: Rated the new Weekly Shonen Jump promo card using the proxy image's info and did the next four Anime Card Ratings on its two pages.
5/26/17: Rated the 8 new cards in Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians and will put up the spoiler for that product tomorrow.
5/20/17: In addition to rating the next 4 Anime Cards, I've updated the Special Card Ratings page to move the long columns of page links to separate pages so that ones that aren't updated as often aren't buried. Plus this means I can open up the ones I need. You'll find the links to these new pages right where the mini titles are (ie the ones that stated what each column was for).
5/15/17: The MACR-EN rated spoiler (as I'll call it to separate it from the spoilers that aren't fully rated) is up and linked to MACR-EN and Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings' pages.
5/14/17: With MACR-EN's ratings finished, I'll be putting up the spoiler on its various pages and the Yu-Gi-Oh Card ratings page (and you may have noticed the latter's page is set-up for the previous sets).
4/27/17: Rated the next Weekly Shonen Jump promo as well as the next 4 anime cards as the card I believe is going to be sent out today (as today is also the deadline to sign up).
4/22/17: Made some edits to random pages last night in addition to the anime card ratings, including the homepage to add short descriptions to the links.
4/20/17: Finished those changes I mentioned earlier so it's back to Anime Card Ratings until Maximum Crisis is released in English. I've also finished the Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck spoiler a few days ago.
4/15/17: You may have noticed some changes to the Card Ratings pages in that now the wording I use and the rating stars' size is different. I felt the wording I used for the rating was too close to Pojo's wording in his Big Book of Yu-Gi-Oh and the new ones now also I think better reflect my thoughts on cards that get the rating. I made the ratings bigger too as I think at their previous size, they're still kinda small. I've also rated the Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck's newest cards.
4/14/17: In addition to rating the Machine Reactor Structure Deck's newest cards, I've gone back to older pages to change the links so that they reflect the actual name of the product as I've realized the way they were could make for confusion due to the OCG products basically having that name. Next up is the Machine Reactor Structure Deck spoiler.
3/31/17: Duelist Saga's new cards' ratings have begun and will continue for a few days.
3/7/17: My site is back online as our internet provider had been blocking the use of the tiny black box the site was being hosted on and there was trouble getting all the files published to the new host as a test. Just got all that straightened out last night so things should be fine now.
2/28/17: Having found the full Dark Side of Dimensions movie online, I've begun summarizing it in 25 minute parts.
2/27/17: Fusion Enforcers' card spoiler is done and linked to all Unrated Yu-Gi-Oh Cards pages with its cards.
2/23/17: The Jury Duty week is over now and updates will resume as planned.
2/20/17: Updates may slacken a bit this week if I have to go in for Jury Duty (as I have Petit Juror week this week) so if no update takes place on a day between now and Friday, that's why.
2/13/17: After roughly four days of the flu that kept me from being interested in doing really anything at all, I'm back to updating as there isn't too much left of the flu now and have begun the RATE-EN Card Ratings on their pages.
2/4/17: Didn't have internet for much of yesterday due to a likely failure of the Ethernet box in the basement but luckily, my dad was able to get the internet up and running again using the Comcast box that had sat unused in the basement. As a result, I decided to hold off on the update until now but it wasn't any different than what I'd been doing in the days prior.
1/22/17: The spoiler for the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck is now up and linked.
1/20/17: The ratings for Structure Deck: Pendulum Domination have begun and will end tomorrow with the spoiler being added the day after.
12/26/16: Having just received the HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals set for Christmas yesterday, I've reviewed them on the site and done some minor changes to the Battlebots Toy Reviews page in addition to the usual ratings of Anime Cards.
11/18/16: Rated the lone new card in OTS Tournament Pack 3 and put up that product's spoiler. The next few days will be the review of DESO-EN's new cards and putting up the spoiler.
11/4/16: INOV-EN is here so I've rated the first 10 cards and will continue with this for the next 10 days.
10/29/16: Came down the a flu-like bug or the flu on Thursday and didn't feel like updating the site but the achyness I felt is gone for the most part so I'm back to updates.
10/23/16: SDKS-EN's new and errata'd card ratings are up and after the spoiler is put up tomorrow, it's back to the anime card ratings until the release of INOV-EN.
10/22/16: SDMY-EN's spoiler is done so next will be rating SDKS-EN's cards, including a few older cards I didn't rate before due to their erratas.
10/21/16: With the release of the Yugi and Kaiba 2016 Structure Decks, I've begun rating the cards from both starting with Yugi's Structure Deck. Tomorrow I'll be putting up the full SDMY-EN spoiler.
10/14/16: Rated Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon, the next confirmed Shonen Jump subscription promo in addition to my usual 4 anime card ratings.
10/8/16: With the new cards from Legendary Decks II rated yesterday on their pages, I've done the spoiler Yugi Deck from that today and linked each of the pages done yesterday to the spoiler page.
9/17/16: As you may have noticed, I've rated Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh's new and cards that were errata'd released either earlier or in this pack. Today, I've added the pack's spoiler.
9/2/16: Rated the new promo cards from the 2016 Mega Tins (Yugi and Kaiba) on the 12th and 13th Promo Cards pages.
8/20/16: Sorry for not updating. Simply slipped my mind but I've finished TDIL-EN and am now on DRL3-EN, which'll continue for a few days before I return to the Anime Card Ratings.
8/5/16: The Dark Illusion Card Ratings have begun and will continue for the next 10 days.
8/4/16: Rated the new YCS Prize Card that was revealed yesterday instead of the 4th Anime Card. Tomorrow I begin rating TDIL-EN's cards.
8/1/16: Decided that since there's generally a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh news that comes in that I'm going to separate each month's news with its own page. This prevents the main news page from getting corrupted and/or too long. The old news page will remain up though.
7/27/16: MVP1-EN's ratings are done so it's back to Anime Card Ratings until the release of The Dark Illusion on August 5th. Also, just in case you haven't read it on my Unrated Cards page 24, I'm rating older cards that have gotten an erratum that changes how they work like the updates to Temple of the Kings and Crush Card Virus, though any that got the change before I made this decision will have to wait for the reprint.
7/22/16: So the MVP1-EN ratings have begun and will continue for the next few days.
7/19/16: Promo Cards Text page has been broken up entirely so unless there are other pages with lengthy text pages that need breaking up, I'll be back to anime card ratings until the release of The Dark Side of Dimensions Pack.
7/15/16: The Unrated Cards Text page has been finally broken up into the 24 individual pages. The Promo Cards Text page is next but won't take as long.
7/14/16: I'm happy to report that I'm done with college so updates should remain steady until I get a job.
7/9/16: With SR02-EN's spoiler done today, I'll be working on breaking up the Unrated Cards Text page to make each page match their respective pages' content, hopefully completing them before the release of the Dark Side of Dimensions Pack.
7/8/16: Rated the new cards from SR02-EN and will do the spoiler from that product tomorrow.
Independence Day: The replacement keyboard arrived yesterday, though you wouldn't be able to tell and today was the last day of getting the Anime Card Ratings Text pages broken up so tomorrow I will resume the Anime Card Ratings until the release of Structure Deck: Rise of the True Dragons on July 8th, 2016.
7/2/16: Okay, sorry for the lack of updates the past two days. Something went wrong with my PC's keyboard that caused it to either type the wrong character or continuously type the same character long after I stopped pressing the key. Since the website software I use is only on my PC, I couldn't update the site elsewhere. Luckily, I've been able to find a wireless keyboard in the house to use until my new replacement keyboard comes in and it has no problems thus far.
6/28/16 Taking a roughly week-long break to break up the Anime Card Ratings text page into pages that coincide with the existing Anime Card Ratings pages that have the images of the cards. I've found that having such a long table makes Expression Web work more slowly, not to mention it can take you forever to find what you want. Now the pages will have their own text versions with the same content.
6/7/16 With the Shriek OCG and TCG sites seemingly no longer being updated, I'm using for news from now on as they're at least updating more often, though they do go down for maintenance now and then.
5/28/16 As stated, Starter Deck: Yuya's spoiler is up and I corrected an error from yesterday's card ratings whereby I listed Performapal Show Down as Card #32 when it was actually 31.
5/27/16 Rated Number S0: Utopic ZEXAL to coincide with rating the new YS16-EN cards. Tomorrow I'll be putting up the spoiler of that Starter Deck.
5/15/16 Finished rating Shining Victories (which I should've announced so sorry about that) so it's back to Zexal Episode Summaries and the occasional Anime Card Ratings until the release of Starter Deck: Yuya.
4/28/16 Along with the usual updates to the Anime Card Ratings pages, I've updated the Robot Wars News page, which has been long overdue, including to add the news of the reboot series.
4/16/16 The MIL1-EN spoiler is now up and linked to both Unrated Cards Page 23 and the Text Page.
4/15/16 With the Millennium Pack now out in English, I've rated the new cards from it on the 23rd (yes 23rd) page of Unrated Cards. Tomorrow I'll do the spoiler.
4/4/16 FINALLY back to doing Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal episode summaries and will do them on all days except Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays as the first two days are my college semester days and the last day is for summarizing a different TV show's next episode. Of course, I'll be taking a break from these summaries once the Millennium Pack is released.
4/3/16 Forgot about Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon, which seems to have been released as the Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki has an official card image of it so that's been rated as well as the next three anime cards.
3/22/15 Rated both Weekly Shonen Jump's latest revealed promo Relinkuriboh and Zexal Manga Volume 8's Number S39: Utopia the Lightning, which I'd forgotten was released at the beginning of this month, in additon to the next anime card on the list.
3/21/15 Both PGL3-EN and OP01-EN (OTS Tournament Pack 1) spoilers are up and Zombie Warrior from OP01-EN has been rated on the Unrated Cards pages.
3/20/15 I'd meant to post here about Premium Gold: Infinite Gold's ratings but that's done now anyway and you can view them on the Unrated Cards Pages 21 and 22. Today's update began filling in the spoiler for PGL3-EN.
2/15/15 The Wing Raiders card spoiler is now up so I'm back to rating anime cards for a little while.
Valentine's Day Wing Raiders' new cards are rated the spoiler will be put up tomorrow. After that I'll resume the anime card ratings for a bit.
1/30/15 Said Emperor of Darkness spoiler is now up as is the rating of one card I didn't realize was new.
1/29/15 BOSH-EN ratings finished and now so have the Structure Deck: Emperor of Darkness' new cards ratings. The spoiler of that Structure Deck will be up tomorrow.
1/16/15 BOSH-EN card ratings are now underway.
1/15/15 Did a little bit of an update last night to the Card Ratings main page so that now you can see the set ID next to the actual links to the respective booster set ratings. I've also been doing "side updates" to speed up getting this site caught up with the card ratings as I'll soon be rating Breakers of Shadows' cards. As a bonus for today, I've also taken what I did to the Card Ratings main page and applied it to the card spoilers page, not to mention fix the broken links on the newly added card spoilers and card ratings pages.
1/12/15 Well I've pretty well gotten accustomed to using Expression Web 4 and have finished High-Speed Riders' ratings and created its text spoiler. I still have much to put up though so you probably won't see updates here often until I've caught up.
1/10/15 Whew, sorry there haven't been any updates until now. This is partially because the server I'd been using to host this site closed its doors and my site had to be moved, though you may not have noticed due to the actual site being online. The rest of that time was dealing with problems trying to grab the files from the new host. The solution was to simply get a later version of Microsoft Expression Web and I have version 4 now as version 1 was really old software and though it had been pretty well problem-free for a long time, it wasn't performing well with the file importing. That said, I've finally rated the 2015 Mega Tins promo cards and some of the High-Speed Riders cards. Still somewhat getting used to things with EW4 so once that gets straightened out, things should resume, though I do have my next college semester coming up soon, though it's MUCH lighter than the one I just went through.
9/2/15: In case you're wondering why I didn't update yesterday, I've started a new, more involved college semester and as a result I have two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meaning much of the day is eaten up by the time I'm home so updates will not be occurring on those days until the semester is over.
7/17/15: Now the DRL2-EN Card Ratings have begun and I'll rate the latest YCSW-EN card with the last 5 cards of DRL2-EN when that time comes. Also, my other site is no longer doing the long line of reprints so I'll go back to Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Episode Comparisons the Monday after I finish Dragons of Legend 2.
6/21/15: While my other website gets all its Yu-Gi-Oh cards reprinted with Problem-Solving Card Text, this site will be rating anime cards instead of doing episode comparisons and today I've rated more cards from Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 80 and 2 World Championship Prize cards I forgot to rate back in 2013 as it's never clear when those are released.
5/28/15: Forgot to post that I was going away for a wedding this past weekend but that's over now so updates have resumed.
4/26/15: Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page got an update today whereby there's now a section for Anime cards as I'm rating those too on Sundays while my other site gets the next episode summary done.
2/15/15: A technical difficulty prevented me from beginning to rate The Secret Forces but that's happened today as the bug has been fixed.
2/4/15: I've begun summarizing Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie as 5Ds finished up earlier this week but the rest will be on hold as I have a trip to Las Vegas coming up starting tomorrow and thus no updates will take place until the day after I get back (which may vary depending on the weather). I'll remove part of this entry if by chance the trip is cancelled/postponed due to the weather.
1/6/15 Re-updating the Episode Comparisons, Episode Cards and Card Spoilers pages to invert the colors for easier reading. As it is, the colors are bright but the inversion should fix that and they'll better match how they're color coded with the episode summaries. I'm already on Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh so this shouldn't take as long and 5Ds Episode 123 already has this new change in place.
1/1/15 As you can see, this page got a bit of an update. I decided to separate the date from the entry to make things easier (and the Astronomy News page got a similar treatment as well as some news for the first time in 9 years). You'll also notice that all updates from 2012 and earlier are gone.
I took them out because they're old and reduce the size of the scroll bar on the right. As the current year ends, I'll get rid of the very oldest updates to keep the scroll bar long and reduce heavy scrolling. Apart from that, I've put in the next 50 cards for
LCJW as I went to see Night at the Museum with my family today.
9/30/14 Pretty major revisions to the Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Comparisons page as now it contains all 3 series' worth and will also possibly include Zexal and Arc-V but Zexal is mostly being included since Arc-V is probably a LONG way from being dubbed, plus some of the anime cards I'll be rating come from that series. Tomorrow, I'll be updating the Gx and 5Ds Episode Comparisons pages to change the top left link of the tiny menu to match as the one it links to no longer exists due to today's changes.
9/28/14  All revisions are complete so one update per day is taking place and as such, I'm resuming the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Episode Comparisons except for Sundays when I go to my Yu-Gi-Oh tournament and Mondays due to my college class and in which I'll work on unrated card spoilers on those days.
6/10/14 Just chiming in to report as to why the site was down these past few days. Apparently one of the components (DNS) expired and I didn't realize that it COULD expire and thought it was something that couldn't be fixed on my end. Luckily that shouldn't happen again as it will never expire anymore but things have since resumed today. 
3/30/14 You've probably noticed the changes to the Episode Cards (and possibly the card spoiler) pages. That's to rid the pages of the tiny 116 x 170 pixel images whereby you can't read much in the image and therefore must rely on the text and this makes the page take longer to load fully.
Now they're color coded to match the card's actual card border so a Fusion Monster has its "block" of the table colored purple and a Ritual Monster has its "block" of the table blue. This will also be done on the Episode Cards pages like with the actual episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh, GX and 5Ds. As a result, the number of links I have to make will be halved.
11/25/13 You'll notice a substantial change to the Card Ratings formatting. It's not an illusion but something I felt would be better as a whole. Yes I know it's another change. Now the normal card ratings page and its text version are formatted virtually the same way and the normal page also has the text so you can read the card's info without having to be on the text page. This is going to be the future of how the card ratings are done and I will get past card ratings pages to reflect this change.
10/13/13 Today's 5Ds Episode Comparison also had few cards in it so I revised the MFC Card Ratings page 1 to cut how many cards you see on the page to 20 and revise the first 8 card images to match what fonts I would've used at the time the set was being rated. These "side updates" will occur every time a 5Ds Episode Comparison has few cards and perhaps if another update revision is light and there's nothing else left.
10/11/13 Since today's 5Ds Episode Comparisons had so few cards, I gave the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Ratings page a brand new table that should be MUCH easier to follow (though sets may be out of order from when I added them to this site).
10/2/13 All previous Episode Cards pages are now in the newer table design and thus begins the process of either fixing broken images or (in the case of the anime cards) changing them to be what my current anime card images are. Plus since the earlier Episode Cards have SO many Episode cards on them, they're now broken up to show only 2 episodes' worth of episode cards (maybe 3 if one of them has a very small amount) per page.
9/2/13  I had begun doing JOTL-EN's card ratings but finished that today so I'll resume the Episode Comparisons on days where I have no college class, work, or am not going to my Yu-Gi-Oh tournament which will be Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and the occasional Sunday.
6/30/13 You may have noticed that I've been putting text versions of my Fanfic's Episode Cards and the Episode Comparisons (and even the main pages to those Episode Comparisons pages has also reflected this). This is so if you either have a slow internet or just want to read what the cards do without seeing the images. You can currently find them on my more recent updates: For the comparisons, the "A Duel with Dartz" series and for the Episode Cards, currently all of Yu-Gi-Oh and Gx Episode Cards for Season 6 Part 1 and maybe a bit of Season 5 Part 4 have links to their text versions.
For obvious reasons ones that have no Episode Cards will not get a text version. I plan to get every Episode Comparison and Episode Cards page a text version if they have Episode Cards included and when you click on one, you'll be able to go through the whole set. They will be added as part of the revisions to the previous Episode Comparison and Episode Cards pages.
4/29/13  Moving on to HA07-EN's Card Ratings and text page are up along with the ratings and comments of the first four cards of the set and will continue to be the update each day for a while. 
4/17/13 Rated 2 cards found in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Mangas that I didn't rate before and put them on Promo Cards Page 8 (where things may be a bit out of order due to me screwing up their ordering when putting the two cards into place) and their text ratings should be in the same spot on the Promo Cards Text Ratings page.
2/19/13 CBLZ-EN's ratings are done and as of today, so are the ratings for SDOK-EN and Gimmick Puppet of Leo on their respective pages.
2/5/13 I've started the CBLZ-EN Card Ratings as of yesterday.
1/22/13  The reason for the lack of updates this past week was due to my monitor's loss in displaying content anymore, meaning the screen was black despite being turned on but now I have a new sleeker monitor to take its place and updates shall resume. On another note, my semester is starting up this Friday at MCCC and since the class is roughly four hours long, updates will likely only occur in the evening (except maybe this Friday, due to it being the first class and possible snow in the forecast for that day that could cancel the class).