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Paris Catacombs

Inside this maze of tunnels lie thousands of human bones taken from cemeteries in Paris due to improper burials and contamination, which started in 1786. Those that have visited the catacombs estimate that 185 miles of tunnels exist yet no map of the Catacombs really exists. Lining the walls of the Catacombs are graffiti as far back as the 18th century. Since the 19th century there exists proof that some people actually made the Catacombs their homes.

To this day, most of the entrances to the Catacombs are prohibited, though there are illegal ways to get in, one being the train tunnel or through manholes and it has been illegal since November 2nd, 1955. Anyone caught snooping in or around the catacombs by the police patrolling the catacombs will receive a 60 fine. Despite all this, drug dealers, addicts and any other people wanting to host parties often sneak their way in. Unofficial visits, while they may seem safe, it is still easy to get lost for even the most experienced travelers and certain passages are flooded. Others have wires or pipes that may cause a cave-in, though such an occurrence is rare.

A mysterious video tape exists featuring someone running through the catacombs, as if being chased by someone or something. Eventually, the user drops the camera and runs away but the camera continues rolling until it runs out of battery. The fate of this man is uncertain but unless he somehow made it out, it's unlikely he's still alive today. Certain passageways in the catacombs have narrow ceilings, making the risk of injury high.  In 2005, the catacombs were re-opened after renovation work was done, including better lighting and better security. Tours can be given as well but pack your jacket as temperatures are quite cold inside. Earlier in 2017, 300 bottles of wine were stolen from the cellar inside the Catacombs.

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