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Ohio University

Located directly in the center of a pentagram of cemeteries in Athens Ohio, Ohio University has quite a bit of history behind it. Ohio University opened its doors in 1964. It (supposedly) sits on top of the Athens Mental Health Medical Center cemetery. Most people say that the highest amount of paranormal activity is on the fourth floor, most notably in room 426, where a women perished and wrote symbols and words on a wall using her own blood. The floor of that room bears a stain outlining precisely where the woman was when she died.

One person touched the stain and the spirit followed him all the way back to her dorm room. Painters attempted to clean up the room but couldn't get the blood off regardless of the number of times they painted over it so the wall was demolished and the room became a boiler room, but doors still slam shut without wind or any assistance, things fly out of their spots as well. On the door leading into room 426, some have seen a demonic face in the grain of the wood from time to time.

1. A segment of Fox Family/ABC Family's Scariest Places on Earth.