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New Ledge Lighthouse

It was built in 1909 after determining that the amount of boat traffic was too high. It is the only lighthouse of its kind still existing today. The lighthouse was originally called Southwest Ledge Light but they thought people would be confused with it and another lighthouse with that name so this lighthouse's name was changed. A fog signal was added to the lighthouse in 1911. It was used by a Coast Guard from 1939 until 1987. Solar panels were added to increase the power of the becon's light in 1998.

The legend of the lighthouse is like this: The Lighthouse is haunted by a ghost, Ernie and when he found out that his wife had left on a ferry with the captain but without he himself, he jumped or fell to his death. Later on, a Japanese reporter decided to investigate the story. He spent the night and every photo he took had a shadow on the left side. To this day, the lighthouse continues to serve, even 100 years later as new workers came and went to maintain the lighthouse. As of 2014, it's now under the ownership of the Ledge Light Foundation, whom is now responsible for the lighthouse as a whole.

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