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Mineral Springs Hotel

The Hotel was built by August and Herman Luer, both of which were meat makers. The building's construction began in October of 1913 and even had a swimming pool. The grand opening of the hotel was in June of 1914 and was said to seat about 26 people in total. The late teens were a good stretch for the hotel as an orchestra played and more rooms were added to the hotel. In 1971, a man drowned in the swimming pool and the hotel was closed, seemingly for good. Not even a ballroom was enough of an incentive to keep customers coming.

Several years later, the building was bought by Roger Schubert converted into a mall with restaurants and stores. Regardless, ghosts have been reported in some areas of the site, including the pool where the man drowned. Perhaps the most famous ghost is the one dubbed Jasmine Lady, whom was said to have found love with a man and been a former inhabitant of the hotel. However, she had an affair with another man and once the man she previously loved found out, her life was cut short from falling down the stairs, either by the man that was angred by her actions or from tripping down the stairs on her own accord. On Google Maps, the site can be seen and is up for rent.

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